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Shira's Answer

Baby Israel flag
Guest post from our cherished friend Dr. Harry, who recently made aliya from South Florida to the holy city of Tzfat:

Shira Ish-Ran, the Israeli woman who was severely wounded and lost her baby boy in a Palestinian shooting attack last week, displayed defiance and strength in the face of her tragic loss, vowing on Thursday to have “many more babies” in response to losing her baby to Palestinian terrorism.

Twenty-one-year-old Shira, who was 30 weeks pregnant when she was shot while waiting at a bus stop outside the community of Ofra, was seriously wounded in the shooting, and doctors delivered the infant in an emergency C-section. The baby died on Wednesday after several days in intensive care. Shira's husband Amichai Ish-Ran sustained moderate injuries in the attack.

On Thursday, a day after her four-day-old son was laid to rest, Shira Ish-Ran was quoted by Hebrew-language media as saying, in her first remarks since the attack: “I will show them. I will bring many more babies into this world. Am Yisrael chai,” the Times of Israel reported

The baby was named Amiad Yisrael (my nation forever, Israel) before being buried in Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives cemetery.


Every Jewish women of child bearing around the world should have at least one more baby than planned and name the boy Ami Yisrael, and a girl Bat-Ami Yisraella in memory of her baby. Let these savages who kill Jews in the womb be answered with millions of new Jewish babies, all of who standing for "My nation forever, Israel."


Guest Post: Meir the Cabby from Ashdod

Meirs_taxi I'm Meir. I drive a taxi in Ashdod. This is a picture of my rig to the left. Hey don't get me wrong, I'm not religious or anything, and I'm certainly not a Haredi. I enjoy a good soccer match (especially Betar Yerushalayim) on Shabbat. Some people think hackers are dumb, but not us Israelis. I can speak 4 languages - Hebrew, French, Arabic, and English. Rabbi Lazer said I could write whatever I want, and that he'd only correct spelling mistakes, so he can't sell me down the river.

The truth is, that before I met Rabbi Lazer, I used to work like a dog for 7 seven days a week. In case you're wondering about moving here, life ain't easy with 4 kids and a wife that likes to serve meat or chicken every day and to get her hair done once a week.

Once, I drove Rav Lazer to a lecture of his in Ashkelon. Even though he's a Haredi, we hit it off great. He didn't nag me about religion, just took an interest about my family and me. I told him I was in debt up to the nose. He asked me if I worked on Shabbat. I said yes. He said let the rig rest on Shabbat, have a nice meal with the family, and take a walk on the beach with the wife and kids, and he promises I'll get out of debt. I said, "Rabbi, with all due respect, you're nuts. How can I work less hours, and forfeit Saturday double-time tariffs, and make more money? Where the heck did you learn math?"

He only smiled. He said that I'll save the money on tires and repairs. I didn't believe him.

The following Saturday, I got a great fare from a French tourist who wanted to go from Ashdod to Tzfat via the Kinneret. Fat city! The fare was 1850 shekels round trip and the madamoiselle gave me a 250-shekel tip and payed for lunch. I laughed all the way home with 2100 shekels in my pocket...until Sunday morning.

The next morning, a cop pulled me over and claimed that I crossed a solid white line: 4 points and 600 shekels down the drain. The points on my license hurt more than the dough. An hour later, I passed a construction site and got two flat tires from nails on the road. The tires were shot, another 900 shekels. Then, I had engine trouble. Diesel engines use cheap fuel, but their maintenance is more expensive. Another 800 shekels. I made a lousy 200 shekels that day, but lost 6 hours and 2300 shekels, all the money I made the day before and the few fares that I made before the day was up.

At 7 pm, exhausted, I got a call from guess who - Rabbi Lazer. He wanted me to take him to one of the moshavim in the area for another of his gigs. To make a long story short, I put 2 and 2 together and figured that you can't fight city hall, especially when Hashem is the mayor.

Hey, that was 18 months ago. I'm not gonna tell you I'm religious or anything, but I don't work on Shabbat anymore. I've repaid 80% of my debts, and my home life is a zillion times better. So do yourself a favor - don't work on Shabbat. Take it from me, Meir the cabby from Ashdod.

Rabbi Lazer gave me one more piece of advice - buy gas from a station that closes on Shabbat. I do; here's proof:

Gas_station Ashdod gas station, near the port: The neon sign says, "Open 24 hours, station observes the Sabbath".

This is really cool being on the web like this. I guess if I ever retire, I'll start a blog. You can't imagine how many juicy stories Israeli cabbies can tell. And I mean juicy...

When you come to Ashdod, look me up. L'hitraot from your friend Meir the cabby from Ashdod. Hey, how do you like my English?

Pittsburgh, Wild Fires and Hamas Rockets

I didn't want to write about Pittsburgh or the wild fires, but people have been repeatedly requesting. So before I write, I recite this short prayer and ask Hashem to illuminate my eyes to the message He wants to convey to our people wherever they are, in Israel and abroad. I pray that Hashem should guide me to truth, which as Rebbe Nachman teaches, can only be attained through emuna and self-nullification. Hashem, let this post be for Your honor exclusively and for the good of our people, amen!

On Shabbat, Oct. 27, 2018, the angel of death masquerading as arch Jew-hater Robert Bowers entered the Shabbat morning services of the "Tree of Life" synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down eleven of our holy brethren, of blessed and sacred memory, all martyrs, including a 97-year-old woman, a husband and wife, and two brothers. Yes, they were conservative Jews but all hand-picked by Hashem to be holy martyrs. Why holy martyrs? Our people, because of a certain blemish they've not yet overcome, need martyrs to atone for them. The angel of death and his accomplices such as the Neo-Nazis and other terrorists simply do the dirty work. Guns fire bullets; the martyrs' deaths according to Kabbalah was death by fire.

At the time of this writing, the fires in California have taken the lives of 48 people that authorities know about; that number is expected to rise as rescue teams make it into areas that they previously had no access to. Over 8000 people have lost their homes, many of them Jews. Many others have been evacuated (remindful of Gush Katif?). They are now in a double exile, or an exile within an exile. This is a double atonement, not only for them but for all of our people. The Gemara says that losing one's assets is tantamount to death. This atonement and cleansing of sin here is again by fire.

By no small coincidence, when the final campaigning for the runoff of the municipal elections in Israel was taking place, and Jews were slinging the worst type of mud at one another including the worst type of infighting between different camps of Orthodox Jews, Hostilities broke out in Gaza. 470 missiles rained down on the south of Israel, also leading to repeated exile - from homes to bomb shelters. Miraculously, only one person was killed but many suffered loss of homes just like our brethren in Southern Califormia. I repeat - missile fire - once again, the atonement and cleansing of sin here is again by fire, and that's after the recent weeks where thousands of acres in the south of Israel have been burned by wild fires caused by incendiary balloons from Gaza. Once more, the culprit of fire.

Pittsburgh, California, Sderot or Ashkelon - it doesn't matter. We are one people like one body. The schism between American and Israeli Jews is inane. OK, there's an ideological difference between Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews - granted. But we're all brothers. The intramural hate destroyed the holy Temple. Our sages call the intramural hate, fire of contention.  This comes from one of King Solomon's sayings (Proverbs 25:24) which says, "It is better to dwell in a roof corner than in a house with with the fire of contention." 

Your dictionary will define contention as discordconflictfrictionstrifedissension, and/or disharmony. Is this not the state of the Jewish People today? My beloved teacher Rav Shalom Arush constantly calls for an end to this. He warns against speaking detrimentally against any other Jew on earth, even those who cause us the worst grief. Do we hear any other voice saying the same thing, or do we only hear the so-called leaders who despise other Jews "for the sake of Hashem". When will they ever learn?

The fire of Pittsburgh, California and the South of Israel all come to atone for the fire of contention and intramural hate.

Guess what:

Almost a thousand years ago, the holy Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid said that an enemy can not touch a hair on a Jewish head until one Jew harms another Jew, even verbally. The holy Chafetz Chaim said the same thing before he left this world, less than nine decades ago. Do you realize what that means?

Any Jew who hates any other Jew - no matter the color, origin, creed or ideology - creates a negative spiritual force that embodies itself in a terrorist, a missile or a wildfire. Anyone who doesn't do immediate teshuva for hating their fellow Jew cannot say, "My hands did not spill the blood of Pittsburgh, give power to Hamas, or fan the fires of California.

For our own future, let's start loving one another. One cannot love a fellow Jew unless he/she first strengthens themselves in emuna, believing that we all have the same Father in Heaven, for the Torah tells us that we are His children. Nothing gives a parent more pleasure when his/her children love each other. May we all follow the path of loving one another and may this be the end of sorry for our people everywhere, amen.

"You Saved My Son!"

You saved my son!
Do you remember DG From the Pits of the Texas State Penitentiary? He's the one who received the Garden of Emuna on the day he decided to commit suicide, losing all hope in the doubly depressing predicament of life imprisonment and solitary confinement. DG was angry - at the warden, at the guards, at all the Jew-hating inmates who made his life unbearable and at the whole world. To make a long story short, instead of committing suicide, DG sat up all night reading the Garden of Emuna...

Rabbi Shalom Arush and I now get letters form DG every month. By way of Emuna Outreach, we send him our latest emuna books and pamphlets. DG is now out of solitary confinement and he works night shift in the prison boiler room. He does two hours of personal prayer five nights a week, a six-hour personal prayer session on Shabbat, and one hour on Fridays, when he's getting ready for Shabbat. He thanks Hashem for being imprisoned, because it brought him closer to Hashem.

Hold it - that's not the main story...

Three weeks ago, when Rav Arush and I were in Houston, a women came up to us after our lecture with tears streaming down her face: "I'm DG's mother; I came her to thank you - you saved my son's life!" What a moment that was! The 450-500 people that were there all witnessed that moving moment.

Rav Shalom says, "We don't deserve the credit. Imagine the Gan Eden (paradise) that awaits the person who donated the $20 to Emuna Outreach that enabled us to send the Garden of Emuna to DG.

You can save a life for $20!

We have hundreds of requests for Emuna books and CDs from the state penitentiaries of Florida, Texas and New York State. We need you to partner with us - Rav Shalom says that there is no tzedakah (charity) on earth that can compare to spreading emuna, especially when it's so instrumental in rehabilitating prison inmates and preventing suicides.

What would you think if DG and those like him were your own brother? Guess what, he is. For every $20 Donation to  Emuna Outreach, you can save a life. Because of the money we save in shipping 10 books, for $180, you can save ten lives. Donate to Emuna Outreach - you'll reap blessings from Above and below, in this world and in the next. Thanks and G-d bless. 

Shulem Lemmer: God Bless America

Who says that Chassidic Jews are not cool?

Watch our dear friend Chassidic singer Shulem Lemmer sing "God Bless America" at Fenway Park on Sept. 16, 2018 in front of 35,000 people, during the 7th-inning stretch of the Mets - Red Sox game. This is a phenomenal sanctification of Hashem's Name - we can all be proud of Shulem. Clip courtesy of esteemed friend and Shulem's agent, Yochi Briskman, yochix@aol.com

Rare Glimpse of Chassidic Israel: Celebration of New Torah Scroll

Here is a rare documentary and inside glimpse of life in the Chassidic community of Ashdod, Israel. The Melitzer Rebbe of Ashdod, may Hashem bless him with health and long life, sponsors the gala celebration of the completion of a new Torah scroll and the festive parade from his home to the Melitzer Synagogue, where the new Torah scroll was received with singing, dancing, prayer and a festive meal, in a total holiday atmosphere with the Melitzer Chassidim dressed in their Sabbath and holiday garb. Enjoy it:

#MeToo - Not You!

Lass with Class
There's a big difference between the Hope Diamond, which weighs 45 Karats and is worth $350 million, and between a broken beer bottle in the street. Whereas the former is a rare gem and heavily guarded, the latter is cheap and rolling around in the gutter for everyone to touch and see. The Hope Diamond is the epitome of class; it conjures up images of a Rolls Royce and Cartier La Dona Watch. Nobody would have the gall to touch or even say something out of line to a woman wearing a Prada tailored-and fitted suit getting of a chauffeur-driven Jaguar XG, especially when the chauffeur and the body-guard sitting shotgun are iron-jawed former MMA stars who weigh 25o pounds each. Why?

The lass has class.

When she gets out of the car with her attache case and walks into her business meeting, people stand up. The young lady looks like royalty; her appearance, posture and speech demand respect. She will make her point and people will listen.

But, if she walks into the meeting wearing her barely thigh-high sleeveless and collarless mini bodycon, no one will hear a word she says. Young lady, you are hereby declaring your candidacy for the #MeToo movement, and the Harveys of the world (which any man who doesn't guard his eyes potentially is) won't be looking to do business with you, any more than one night. Why? Your appearance puts you into the category of a broken beer bottle.

No one said don't look snazzy. No one said don't be attractive. Care about how you look and think twice before you pop the cookies in your mouth. Take care of yourself - eat right and work out at the gym. Take walks everyday and talk to Hashem. But remember that you're His daughter, not Harvey's chunk of meat.

You owe yourself to be a lass with class. If you're a working woman, take 5 short minutes to see how to be a Winning Working Woman. You're success is guaranteed. You'll be commanding more respect and a bigger paycheck. Go for it!

This week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine has plenty more dynamite articles.

My esteemed and beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush gives us an option to lamenting during the Three Weeks, and instead, becoming proactive and building A Beautiful World.

Hashem loves Racheli Reckles (so do her readers and all of us at Breslev Israel); she gets herself into jams that nobody could bail her out of except Hashem. Read The Lost Check to see what we mean...

Hitting cleanup in our team of all-star writers is Alizah Teitelbaum, whose weekly column is especially for women. Alizah doesn't want you to be so quick in blabbing your heart out to your so-called best friend. You've been forewarned in Girl-Friend or Foe.

Breslev Israel's women writers are all young ladies with class. See Yehudit Channen's Prayers People Pray to see what I mean.

The head of Emuna Therapy, Dr. Zev Ballen, is a great guy who knows how to make other people feel great, as he does in All or Nothing.

You met former Golani fighter David Perlow this week on our really moving broadcast, One Person to the Rescue.  His latest article is about being a super husband in Make the Peace, Bro.

David Ben Horin is a breath of fresh air always. He loves Israel and he writes this week about Two Levels of National Miracles.

I want to share this short email with you, from Mrs. Judy Inbal in Israel:

"...I was riveted to my seat when I saw One Person to the Rescue. It was like a gripping 'This is Your Life' show and what an exciting surprise ending. Only Hashem could have produced such a broadcast. I never had any idea about the power of Emuna Outreach. From now on, I want a share in the action..."

Mrs. Inbal, Emuna outreach is happy to have you share with us in spreading emuna far and wide.

You too, cherished friends, are welcome to partner with Rav Shalom Arush and Emuna Outreach in saving lives, like you heard in the testimonies of One Person to the RescueDonate to Emuna Outreach - you'll be glad you did!