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Bayer and Monsanto: Axis of Evil

Block 10
Block 10
 (image, above) was the infamous hellhole in the bowels of the Auschwitz concentration camp where the epitome of evil Nazi "doctor" Josef Mengele performed his atrocious experiments on humans during the Holocaust. Block 10 leads to Mengele, Mengele leads to Bayer, Bayer leads to Monsanto and Monsanto leads to the convenience food you're eating, either at home or on vacation. Sounds surreal? We wish it were...

The closer we get to Moshiach, the more we see Divine justice settling unfinished scores. An apparently innocuous item on the international news-wire reveals an iceberg of evil that Hashem's fiery wrath will soon erase from the face of the earth. The shares of Bayer Pharmaceuticals just fell 10%, the result of  their subsidiary Monsanto's failure to warn of the cancer risks posed by its infamous weed killer, Roundup

Before I tell you who Bayer is, they bought Monsanto earlier this year for $63 Billion. Our sages teach that evil attaches itself to evil. In short, Monsanto is a conglomerate of evil that creates pesticides that destroy every type of viable seed - not only weeds - except for seeds that Monsanto genetically engineers. So, once you spray your field with Roundup, your soil is poisoned to regular seeds and you can only use Monsanto's genetically-engineered seeds. But, new types of weeds set in that are immune to conventional weed killers, which require more and newer Monsanto weed killers. With mafia-like tactics, Monsanto has gone around the world, not only impoverishing farmers, poisoning their soil and indenturing them into virtual slavery, but causing an epidemic of farmer suicides, especially in India.

Monsanto also hijacks faculties of agriculture in the world's universities, so that agronomy students will learn to use their products only. Thank goodness I majored in horticulture and deciduous orchards, where Monsanto's poisoned hands didn't yet reach my teachers. Fortunately, you can grow an apple, a peach or a plum without spraying Roundup...

Back to Bayer, who owns Monsanto. Do you know who Bayer is? Have you ever heard of IG Farben?

Both my pulse and my mind are racing much faster than I can type (chill, Lazer!) - let's take it slow.

Do you know that IG Farben was behind the Nazi's mutilation of our holy teacher, Rav Shalom Arush's spiritual guide, Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz of saintly and blessed memory? That's why he could never have children. Let me be more specific:

IG Farben financed Hitler’s electoral campaign and became a staunch supporter of the Nazis. IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi party to take over manufacturing plants when the Germans invaded other European countries. IG Farben also held stock in and was represented on the board of the company which produced the gas used in the Holocaust gas chambers. IG Farben tested its products on the concentration-camp prisoners of Auschwitz. Even more, IG Farben had its own concentration campJosef Mengele, the gruesome butcher of Auschwitz, the SS doctor (sic) and Hitler's right-hand man in the planned annihilation of European Jewry, worked with IG Farben in doing his experimentation on human guinea pigs, one of whom was our sacred and beloved teacher Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz who succeeded in surviving the Holocaust.

Bayer is the successor and continuation of IG Farben. Monsanto belongs to Bayer.

Is the GMO and GE domination of our fields, crops and foodstuffs a continuation of the Nazi conspiracy to dominate the world? You make your own conclusions.

For anyone who seeks my advice, eat natural and organic as much as possible. Steer clear of US commercially grown corn and soybeans as well as processed foods that are full of such derivatives as corn syrup solids and soy isolate. If you have a headache, don't take Bayer aspirin. Chances are that your headache - and many other ills, such as your close friend's, your relative's or your own autistic child - come from the use of Roundup in growing the food you eat.

The closer we get to Moshiach, the more we'll see evil's foundations crumble. Meanwhile, don't lose heart, because the darkest darkness is right at the end of night, before the dawn of a new day.

Rebbe Klonimus Kalman Shapira - The Aish Kodesh Rebbe of Piaseczno

Aish Kodesh Rebbe
Rebbe Klonimus Kalman Shapira (1889-1943), of saintly and martyred memory, aka the "Aish Kodesh" Rebbe of Piaseczno, Poland, is one of my all-time heroes. The beacon of light and strength in the Warsaw ghetto, he was ultimately shot to death by the Nazis in the Trawniki concentration camp in 1943, may Hashem avenge his sacred martyred blood.

The Aish Kodesh rebbe was born in the Mashevitzki county of Poland. My maternal great-great-grandfather,  whom I'm named after, was Rabbi Eliezer Mashevitzki, whose last name came from the area that he came from. I don't know if this has anything to do with the Aish Kodesh Rebbe, zatza'l, whom I always felt a special connection to, until my cherished friend Eli Levin sent me an exquisite painting of the Aish Kodesh Rebbe by Shani Levin-Weinberger (above, partial view). This floored me: look at the Chassid sitting next to the Rebbe; look familiar?

In any event, here's a special tribute to the Rebbe, which I'm sure you'll find as moving as I did:

#WeRemember - Holocaust Day, 12 April, 2018

LB #WeRemember
Lately, following the lead of the magpies in the so-called Palestinian Authority and in Iran, all the anti-Zionists anti-Semites of the world have given license to their mouths and to their pens to not only deny the Holocaust but deny all of the thousands of years of Jewish history in the Land of Israel. Most of my mother's family was murdered in the Holocaust - in Grodno ghetto, in Majdanek and in Auschwitz. My Mom, may Hashem bless her, is a Levite. Her ancestors sang in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Romans exiled us from the Land of Israel and our family migrated to Spain and later during the Spanish Inquisition, to Poland. Thank G-d, I was fortunate to return home to Israel 48 years ago in 1970. The above photo, taken in ancient Ashdod where Jews have lived for centuries, is my answer to the all the Holocaust and Land-of-Israel deniers. We'll never forget our history - it's in our veins. #WeRemember - period.

p.s.- Don't miss Racheli's post below. It's a must-read for today!

We Will Live On


Today is Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel. We remember the 6,000,000 Jews, 10,000,000 Soviets, and millions of Serbs, Gypsies, and other unfortunate people that were wickedly tortured and murdered by the evil Nazis ym"s. I hope they get their extermination camp torture treatment in hell. Forever. 

I was trying to pick out a picture for this post, and after going through hundreds of absolutely horrifying pictures of men, women, and children having been reduced to bones with a thin layer of skin on top, piles of dead bodies flung like garbage one on top of the other, a pile of legs that were severed at the hip for G-d knows what sick reason, a row of children laying blindfolded on their backs as the EVIL, HORRIBLE, SUBHUMAN Nazis tortured them in ways beyond our worst nightmares, I just couldn't bring myself to post any of it. 

All I can think about now is that picture of those poor innocent children, lying naked and blindfolded, screaming and crying in pain and terror as they're surrounded by soulless beings of death who are the epitome of cruel sick perversion. G-d knows what was being done to them. 

Every time I think about it my heart breaks all over again. I am flooded with pain and "WHY, HASHEM?!?!" even though I know I'm supposed to have emuna that the Holocaust had to happen, because Hashem let it happen.

The above picture is of my father and his father after they arrived in Israel. I believe my father was around 15 when this picture was taken. My father, Moshe, is a Holocaust survivor. He was just eight years old when his father, Zvi z"l, took him on the run from the Germans. My father's mother, Chana Fruma z"l, and his two little sisters, Sarah z"l, and Mindele z"l, were taken to Treblinka extermination camp. 

As I lit four candles and thought about the superhuman strength and unwillingness to give up that my grandfather had, I realized deeply that if it weren't for his ultimate sacrifice, I wouldn't be here. My kids wouldn't be here. And David would be married to someone not nearly as gorgeous.

My grandfather Zvi lives on in me. He lives on in my father, who had to endure nearly three years hiding in wheat fields in Poland while on the run from the Germans and Poles. Three years of being homeless, no food, freezing Polish winters, rain, wild animals, and the constant terror of being discovered and killed. 

I don't know how the survivors were able to physically and mentally get through such gehinnom. 

In honor of today, please read my article describing my father's life in the fields. Even though we are only one or two generations removed from the survivors, we are at risk of losing our sensitivity to what has happened. Just look at what's going on in Syria. So many innocent people, young children and babies, are being murdered in vicious ways as you read this. But the world doesn't step in.

Take a moment to think about the survivors you know and the sacrifices they've made. 

We are here because of them. 

And even though many of them are no longer with us, they are still alive inside of us. 

Just look at these two little monkeys.


My children, me, my siblings, and all future generations that come from us are alive because Zvi Hershl Rubinstein z"l did everything he could to make sure my father stayed alive.  

May his soul and the souls of every single martyr enjoy eternal Divine bliss in that special place in Heaven reserved for those who died sanctifying Hashem's name. 

And may we see the end of pain and suffering in our time, and with tremendous joy, greet our Mashiach and witness the rebuilding of our Holy Temple, Amen! 


Go Ahead and Make Laws, Europe

No, the above photo is not from a colonial bakery. It's a crematorium; a Polish crematorium in the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp for reducing the corpses of gassed Jews into ash. Yes, the German Nazis designed and ran the death camp, but they could not have done this without Polish cooperation. The Poles were the "Kapos", the slave-drivers of the death camps who made the Jews' live especially miserable even before they were finally killed. Polish compliance enabled the Holocaust. What's more, history shows that the Poles were rabid anti-Semites long before Hitler's era.

Now, the Polish government has just passed a law outlawing anyone attributing any Polish responsibility for the Holocaust. You can now go to jail in Poland if you say, "Polish Death camp." With one fell swoop, the contemporary Jew-haters of Poland want to erase and rewrite history. Except for the USA and Israel, no one is objecting. So much for truth (sic) in the world, and especially in Europe.

To this day, my 91-year old mother, may Hashem bless her, still lives the trauma of having been a live pin cushion at twelve years old when her Polish classmates stuck pins in her from head to toe, sending her home in a bloody mess. No, Poland, there are too many memories in too many Jewish homes for you to erase history so easily. But don't worry - Hashem doesn't forget. Plenty of markers will still be called in, despite what your drunken legislators decide.

Iceland's legislators are now competing with Poland. A bill submitted this week to the Icelandic parliament is calling for the banning of circumcision and sets the penalty for violators at six years in prison. And, it looks like other European countries will be following suit.

Hashem's first payback to the Jew-haters of Europe will be to turn their countries into Islamic Sharia zones. If they won't let Jews live in peace and perform ritual slaughter and circumcision, no problem - they'll have to submit to Islamic Law. Do you think this is far-fetched? More than a decade ago, historian Bernard Lewis warned that if current migration trends continue, Europe will be Islamic by the end of the 21st century.

OK, Europe - go ahead and make laws. We'll see who has the last laugh.

The Piaseczna Niggun

The moving and hauntingly inspiring melody you are about to hear was composed by "Derech Achim" from South Africa in memory of one of my all-time heroes and role models, the holy "Aish Kodesh" Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira of Piaseczna, Poland. He was a formidable educator and a profound influence on his generation. He was named after his great grandfather, the holy "Maor Vashemesh" - Rav Kalonymus Kalman Epstein, osb"m - who was the Rebbe of Krakow, Poland and the prime disiple of the holy Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk, osb"m.

The Piaseczna Rebbe inspired thousands of people during the darkest times of the holocaust. He brought hope and light to everyone around him and inspired so many to serve Hashem even in the purgatory of the Warsaw ghetto. In 1943, he was taken to the Trawniki Concentration Camp where he returned his sacred martyred soul to Hashem.

Enjoy this rare glimpse into history and into Chassidic life of today. We're still here - our oppressors always fall. Am Yisrael Chai!

"Little Babi Yar" - the Mass Graves of Yanov, Ukraine

Rav Lazer Brody just came back from the Ukraine today, on Holocaust Day, where he visited the mass graves of the Jews of Yanov in the Ukraine, where his father's family comes from. In the following clip, taken yesterday afternoon, he tearfully tells how the Nazis pulled Jews off the train in Yanov, made them dig their own graves, then shot them. Then then forced the local Jews to bury them, then dig another pit, and shot them too. We cannot forget and we'll never forget: