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Welcome to the Breslev Beams Friday Web Yeshiva

BB Friday Web Yeshiva

Welcome to the opening session of the new Breslev Beams tuition-free, everyone's welcome, equal opportunity Friday morning web Yeshiva. We are delighted to feature select lessons, brief and comprehensible, from our distinguished staff of English speaking rabbis. We surely hope you enjoy this, so don't let your day go by without grabbing some Torah, especially ideas that you can say over at your Shabbat table. Blessings for a lovely Shabbat!

Lesson #1 - Rabbi Lazer Brody on this week's Torah portion: "Looking at Each Other" (8 minutes duration):

Lesson #2 - Rabbi Aharon Dobinsky: "Law & Order & Political Correctness" (12 minute duration):

Lesson #3 - Rabbi Ralph Cohen, Parshat Truma (10 minute duration):