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The Emerging Anti-Iran Alliance

Hashem's world is full of surprises, yet there's nothing new under the sun.

In the above photo, you see an Israeli F-15 Eagle refueling from a Boeing 747 that is serving as "jet mom", the tremendous aerial refueling plane that replenishes the small jet fighters, thus increasing their combat range. If someone would tell you that the "jet mom" in the photo is an aircraft from the Royal Saudi Air Force, it wouldn't be true - yet. But it could be - soon. Israel and Saudi Arabia are already sharing sensitive intel. They both face a mutual existential threat - Iran. In fact, the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is all over the Middle East - in Yemen, in Iraq, in Syria and in Lebanon. The advantage that Saudi Arabia stands to gain from allying with Israel far outweighs and differences that Riyadh holds with Jerusalem. That's why a joint military maneuver between Saudi Arabia and Israel is something that could realistically happen, soon.

Here's more proof: when did you ever hear Kuwaiti and Saudi leaders speaking pro-Israel ideas?

Meanwhile, Iran continues to threaten Israel with annihilation.

Anti-Iran Alliance
Although Saudi Arabia stands to gain from allying with Israel, Israel - historically - does not. Throughout history, whenever Israel leaned on a wobbly reed - any source of help or reliance other than Hashem - Hashem broke the reed so that Israel will learn to depend on Him alone (see Ezekiel 29:6 and Rashi's commentary there).  The Israeli government would be much better advised to strengthen its adherence to Torah while we, Israel's citizens, should be working day and night to strengthen our emuna. This is our best defense against any enemy.

As far as strengthening emuna goes, it's not only the key to our survival but the key to Redemption too, as Rebbe Nachman writes in Likutei Moharan I:7. That is why the closest thing to Rebbe Nachman's heart was hafatza, spreading emuna teachings and bringing people closer to Hashem.
Emuna Outreach's and Breslev Israel's sole purpose in our travels around the globe is to spread emuna, for only emuna is the key to all of humanity living in harmony and to preventing this entire world from blowing itself to smithereens. I can testify that my beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush's greatest joy in the world is getting another human being to call Hashem's Name. That's understandable; as we say three times every day in the Aleinu prayer, the world will attain its correction when all of living flesh calls Hashem's Name.
The IDF and the US Armed Forces are two focus-spots where we invest much time, effort and funds in spreading emuna. Look what happened at Fort Bragg.

For a complete overview of current events in light of emuna, see Revealing the Redemption, this week's Emuna News summary in the stimulating new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Enjoy, and have a lovely new week with good news only!

The BEST Rosh Hashana Everrrrr!!!


Shana Tova, y'all!! I hope you had a wonderful, meaningful, and peaceful Rosh Hashana! 

See that guy passed out on the beach? That's kinda what I looked like after my three day eating extravaganza. I'm actually writing this as I'm passed out on the floor from severe food coma. Except that my feet are much cuter than this guy's gross feet, and my stomach is about twice the size of his. Oh, and I don't have a pair of outdated jeans. Who rolls their jeans like that any more? Are we back in the '80's again? Seriously, how many times can designers bring back the same look?? Who would've thought that Kohelet would also refer to fashion trends with its famous phrase, "There is nothing new under the sun"?

So, tell me! How was your Rosh Hashana? How about all of you fantastic women that let your hubbies go to Uman? How did you manage? Would anyone like to share any insights, cool stories, or just something funny that happened over Rosh Hashana? I'd love to hear all about it, so send in a comment!

In the meantime, I'll tell you about my RH as I cut weight because I'm too lazy to get up and grab the remote to turn on the air conditioning. I figure that I'll write until I turn into a puddle of sweat on the floor, with my ghetto fabulous rings and chains floating on top. 

As you may recall, David took my older two boys, which totally made the holiday for me! I took my three little cuties out for every meal, and I even got to shul on time to hear the shofar! There was hardly any fighting and my kids behaved very well at each house we went to. All in all, it was a fantastic Rosh Hashana. For me. For David, it was a little rough. My oldest son had a flu for a few days, and David never had to take care of a sick child before. I was like, better you than me, buddy. Apparently Hashem wanted David to appreciate my child-rearing efforts by making him actually do something for once.

Sorry, that sounds so mean. David's great! He's very involved with the kids. At least, for all the fun stuff. I think I'm gonna shut up now. 

The only part that wasn't cool for me about David being in Uman was that there was no guy selling great knockoff Adidas gear. I'm still a bit bummed about that. I was so looking forward to a new track suit. My kids are already mad at me because I recently bought a pair of boys' Nike sneakers, and they get super embarrassed when I wear them out. My oldest son is lucky because his feet are already bigger than mine so I can't borrow his sneakers. 

Wow, does this post have a point? Oh, yes! The weekly Breslev Israel articles! 

Rav Shalom Arush tells us that we can have a No-Fear Yom Kippur.  Sounds great! So what do you have to do to be able to go into Yom Kippur without fear of not being forgiven for your sins? Well, you have to read the article, that's what. Duh.

I just found out that the World Series is coming up soon. You know what that means, right? That means you've got to read Rav Brody's article about baseball, because apparently there is some deep connection between baseball and spiritual growth. What, you mean you didn't know that already? What's wrong with you?? Don't worry, ignoramuses. He explains it all in The Tougher League

This week I write about The Warburg Effect, which focuses on the real reason that tumors develop. Last week's article, It's Not Genetic, gave you information that pointed to the culprit of most cancers. What? You want to know what the culprit is? What do I look like, a friar? Read last week's article and then read this week's! And hold your breath until next week, because I'm gonna give you some kind of crazy awesome conclusion to this trilogy!

Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen, one of my closest and only friends, is too righteous for me. Therefore, I've decided we can't be friends any more. Yehudit, I loved Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Hope, but couldn't you have been a little bit judgmental? I mean, how am I supposed to be your friend if you're so perfect??

Dr. Zev Ballen just scored some serious brownie points with me in his latest, Mirror on the Wall. And for that matter, so have the Arizal and Rav Arush! Bravo all around!!

Speaking of brownies, Aliza Neveloff gives some helpful tips to parents who are crazy brave enough to go Eating out with the Kids. Maybe I'll try taking out my kids to a restaurant again when they're married. Okay, engaged.

David Perlow can't put his gun down because he's always talking about Machine Gun Emuna. Just like I can't put my million calorie muffins down because I'm always talking about the low carb ketogenic diet. 

I just have to add one last thing. I love, love, love baby feet. I want to eat up those cute little toes.

Have an awesome day! And don't forget, these days between RH and YK are super auspicious for making teshuva, so get to it! 


My Morning Coffee

IMG_20170918_090040832 (1)

Oy, my stomach. I've had terrible stomach pains and cramps all morning. I think I visited the library at least 15 times in the past two hours. I must have overdone it on the MCT oil. That stuff is crazy strong! Unfortunately I don't feel up to jumping around in Zumba class this morning. And you'd think all these bathroom breaks I've been taking would have made my stomach nice and flat. But no. It's round and puffy from bloat.  

But! Hashem does everything for the best, right? This morning things worked out perfectly. I woke up too late to prepare my usual delicious coffee that I look forward to every morning. My stomach started acting up as I was getting the kids ready for school, so I decided to hold off on the coffee. Usually I drink it as I'm making their lunch. 

I miraculously managed to get my kids to school on time, but I was feeling worse by the minute. Not only were the cramps getting worse, but I was losing energy like a dying battery. There was just too much to do, so I decided not to use my common sense and relax until I felt better. Common sense is for weaklings! 

And suddenly, as I was dragging myself around the house, trying to make the beds without falling into them, I realized that it was very pleasant outside. The mornings are so hot in the summer that even sitting in the shade is no fun. This morning, though, the air is cool and just perfect for enjoying a nice espresso and a gorgeous view. 

So what's a few stomach cramps? I'm going to enjoy my coffee at my own risk. Oh, and my table is actually clean, so that helps. 

I can't remember the last time I sat out on my balcony and just enjoyed the moment. It must have been at least since the spring! Isn't it crazy how time flies? Scary! 

We all need moments like this, when we can just sit and relax. We don't even have to think about anything deep. Just enjoy the moment, that's it. These precious few times give us mental serenity and build up our tolerance for the annoyances and setbacks we'll likely experience later on. At least, hopefully. I mean, in theory it sounds good. 

So go ahead. Enjoy your morning coffee! And while you're at it, enjoy this week's round of articles on Breslev Israel:

Rav Shalom Arush is on a mission to Save the World by telling everyone that having emuna is the key for being happy with your life. 

Rav Lazer Brody tells the story of a few guys who also liked to enjoy their drinks, until one decided he could drink Anything but Whiskey. What's wrong with whiskey? Maybe I'll put some in my coffee. Sounds yum! 

Are you ready to fall off your chairs? Then start drinking whiskey! But seriously, you DO NOT want to miss my latest, and I'm not saying that just because I wrote it. Well, obviously it's part of the reason, because I can't help but be a little biased. After all, I'm human. At least, I think I'm human. I may be more like a human/cheetah hybrid. David is convinced that this is the case, because when I get mad at him I bare my fangs at him. Why do I write these things?

Many of you may know that I am always looking for the truth regarding medical treatments and the agenda that mainstream medicine has. Not to say that it's all bad, because there are some very necessary and important parts that we should thank Hashem for. But, in the case of cancer, Big Medicine is failing miserably. Cancer rates are climbing exponentially every year, with no signs of slowing down. 

And most of us think it's a genetic disease or bad luck. 

Dr. Thomas Seyfried is one brave scientist that isn't afraid to tell the truth: that cancer is NOT genetic. Before you get all mad at me, read the article and watch the lecture that I've linked to in the article! You won't believe the simplicity of it! 

After you read it AND watch the lecture, send me a comment and let me know what you thought!

Okay, I've got to catch up on some important reading, so as I run off, enjoy:

Dr. Zev Ballen: When the Blaming Doesn't Stop. I have no idea what he's talking about. I never blame anyone for anything, least of all my darling, sweet husband!

Dennis Rosen gives us great teshuva advice in his Rosh Hashana Recipe for Renewal. Dennis, I love your article, but I would have also loved if you would have included a keto-friendly Recipe for Chocolate Cake. 

David Perlow has just scored massive points with me with his 5 Tips for Joy in Marriage. To quote: "TIP: Regularly give your wife a sum of money and say “Honey, this is for you to do whatever you want with for the home.” 'Nuff said.

Channa Coggan realized Hashem's Curriculum for her when her car refused to start. Seriously, Channa? Instead of getting upset you're in bliss and serenity? Share the love, woman!

You know what... I don't think that cappuccino was such a good idea after all.

Have a wonderful day!