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You Are A Masterpiece

DNA Divine Signature2LB
Why aren't you willing to accept that you're unique and talented, with a whole set of gifts that no one else on earth has?

I'll prove it to you, spiritually and scientifically: see my feature article You Are A Masterpiece on this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Don't Go it Alone

Why in the world did Hashem give us an evil inclination, which deliberately incites us to go against His will? Rabbi Shalom Arush answers this question in his feature article Don't Go it Alone this week on Breslev Israel web magazine. Don't miss it!

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Happy Tu B'Shvat, Planted People!

Olive Israel Kotel
Above photo, 2000 year-old olive tree in the Lower Galilee that dates back to the Second Temple

Tu B'Shvat is so spiritually and emotionally overwhelming for someone who loves Hashem and our holy Land of Israel. It's all about our roots that go so deep down in this hallowed land that Hashem promised to our forefathers and gave to us over 3,300 years ago. Our Nomadic and usurping Arab neighbors can't understand, but we are a Planted People, planted deep in the Holy Land, from which we shall never budge, amen!

My feature article this week on Breslev Israel web magazine, The Planted People, is perfect to read at your Tu B'Shvat table. When you finish it, you can check out these other great articles:

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Enjoy, and may you be blessed with wonderful fruit of every type, arbor and human, amen!

Way Above the Angels

Above the Clouds

Angels are programmed - they can only do good. They're like a team that won an important game, but there wasn't an opposing team in the field...

If people possessed no free will, what delight would the Creator have? If they didn't have "opposition" to doing good - in other words, an evil inclination - what reward would they deserve? They'd be just like the boxer who calls himself a champion, but there was no opponent in the ring.

Here's another example: a person chosen from among a number of candidates feels satisfaction and delight; but if he is chosen because there is no alternative, he feels no delight. On an infinitely different level, if Hashem's goodness were revealed to all, obviously everyone would choose Him, and He would have no satisfaction and delight. The Creator wants people to choose him precisely when He is concealed. That is what gives Him true satisfaction. To do so, we must overcome a huge evil inclination. When we do, we go - as Rabbi Shalom Arush shows us - Higher than the Angels.

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Enjoy, and have a lovely new week!

Where's Daddy?

Where's Daddy
The little cutie in the above photo doesn't know where Daddy is. To make things worse, all types of things in the environment are frightening him - a barking dog, a police siren and people with mean looks on their faces. Our toddler didn't intend to lose connection with Daddy when curiosity called and lured him to wander away. The world looked like a lot of fun; but now, without Daddy near, it's ever so scary...

The above is a mere parable.

Our souls are just like the toddler in the above photo, with tears of trepidation trickling down our spiritual cheeks. No wonder our emotions aren't on an even keel, because emotions come from the soul.

So what's the solution?

Return to Daddy!

The prophet cries out to us in the Name of Hashem, our Daddy Above: "Return, mischievous children!" (Jeremiah 3:14). The word he uses for "mischievous" is shovevim, the acronym of the six-week period that we are in the midst of, a most opportune time to return to Hashem. Do yourself a big favor and read Return, Mischievous Children, my feature article in this week's special new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Moshiach: No Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon
The little guy in the above photo is a cutie, but he's neither King David nor Moshiach. How do we know for sure?

First of all, at this little boy's age, King David was already alone in the wilds of the Judean Desert, tending his father's flocks and fending off bears and lions. And second, Moshiach wasn't (nor will be) born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

No one of true greatness was ever born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Moshiach – the anointed King of Israel – leads the pack when it comes to tough lives. Look at King David – no one had more challenges than he did.

People with superficial learning of Torah think that King David did have a silver spoon, coming from the prestigious tribe of Judah and the prominent family of Jesse from Bethlehem-Efrat. Let's take a closer look. Read The Soul of Moshiach, my feature article in this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Emuna Poster FebMar2019

Angry Wife or Divine Prod?

Angry wife
From Rabbi Shalom Arush:

The "Shovevim" weeks, which we have now entered, are a special time for enhancing our closeness to Hashem, our emuna, personal holiness and teshuva. But, when we don't initiate teshuva on our own accord, Hashem – Who loves us so much – stimulates us. Often, He uses our wives as a prod to mobilize us in self-assessment and teshuva. Here's how: 

Husbands periodically see faults in their wives that need rectification. Maybe the wife suffers from anger and screams at or hits the children. As a person with emuna, he prays to Hashem that she should rectify her fault, saying, "Hashem, help my wife overcome her short temper; have mercy on her, and rid her of her terrible anger!" Such prayer is a mistake, the advice of the evil inclination.

The above husband's prayer is not coming from a point of truth. It is not the result of the husband's care and compassion for his wife and his true concern for her welfare. He just wants to put an end to his own suffering; for his own convenience, he wants her to be calm and happy. Therefore, his prayer stems from his care about himself and not from his concern for her.

If Hashem doesn't love this husband, then his prayer will be answered. Sounds strange, doesn't it? Let's see why:

Continue reading Rabbi Shalom Arush's eye-opening article Angry Wife or Divine Prod in this week's empowering new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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