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A Practical Guide to Purim, 2019/5779

A Tata Bleibt a Tata: A Father is a Father

People are unhappy for two reasons only:

  1. They forget that Hashem is their Father.
  2. They forget that Hashem loves them infinitely and always has mercy on them, even when things seem otherwise.

Our dear friend "CME" (Chaim Meir Erps) wrote a beautiful song that has captured the Chassidic world. Last night I was at a wedding, and we danced for nearly a half hour to this song. It reminds us that Hashem is our father, and a father is always a father. Here is the song, delightfully sung by Mendy Weiss and his son Hershy (lyrics in transliteration and translation below, so you can follow along):

Here are the words, which begin by paraphrasing Psalm 103:13, and then continue in Yiddish:


Krachem av al banim, ken terachem Hashem aleinu.

Vayil a tata bleibt a tata, er heat oif zeine kinder, a tata bleibt a tata allemol.


As a father has mercy on his children, so Hashem will have mercy on us.

For a father is a father, he protects his children, a father always stays a father.

Original Hebrew and Yiddish:

כרחם אב על בנים כן תרחם ה' עלינו.
ווייל א טאטע בלייבט א טאטע, ער היט אויף זיינע קינדער,
א טאטע בלייבט א טאטע אלעמאל

Blessings for a wonderful Shabbat Zchor!


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