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Turning Pain into Gain

Pain and Gain
Whoever said life was supposed to be easy? Do you know anyone great who had an easy life? A hassle-free life is like saying grass that's not green - it simply doesn't exist! Why? We're all down here to complete a mission, and a considerable part of our mission is dealing with the challenges of life.

Thank G-d, I'm out of the hospital after a bout with pneumonia and what looked like a clot on my brain that had knocked me for a loop, together with some cardiac issues as well. It's all for the best. The love, the well-wishes and the blessings that you, cherished friends, have been giving me are making the uphill road to recovery a whole lot easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's all good, all from Hashem and all for the best - let's never forget that. Love you so much, LB


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Wishing you a Refuah Shleimah Reb Lazer.


Refuah Shilayma. Thank you for all the chizik that you have given us.


Thank you Hashem for making the road to recovery for Rav Brody a whole lot easier! I continue to ask Hashem for a free gift for Eliezer Raphael ben Chasya, my spiritual leader.

May the One who blessed our ancestors —
Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah —
bless and heal Eliezer Raphael ben Chasya

May the Holy Blessed One
overflow with compassion upon him
to restore him
to heal him
to strengthen him
to enliven him

The One will send him, speedily, a complete healing —
healing of the soul and healing of the body —
along with all the ill,
among the people of Israel and all humankind,
soon, speedily, without delay,
and let us all say: Amen!

yoav baram

Dear Lazer--May HaShem bless you Very Soon with a refuah shlaimah mamash!

from your devoted friends, Pinchas, Yoav and Yaakov Baram, Brookline, Mass., 2/12/19



Dear Rabbi Brody,

May you have a Refuah Shleimah. Thank you and all at Breslev for all that you for our people and the world. May Hashem bless all of you and your loved ones always.

Kayla and Herschel


Rav Lazer, I'd like to wish you a full and speedy recovery and complete success in all of your endeavors.


Rabbi Brody,
Wishing you Refuah Shlema.
Praying for your full and speedy recovery

Leo Grossman

Rabbi Brody
Wishing you a refuah sheliema,

Grossman Family Buffalo Grove, IL

Dina Leah

Refuah Shlema!
You are an inspiration!
I have chronic pain and am recovering from a broken hip. I never thought to thank Hashem that He is healing me despite the pain I'm having. BH, that He saved me from worse.
My friends husband had a broken hip and died from other complications. BH, I'm still alive. I'm grateful that through your situation you showed me how to be grateful. B'ezrat Hashem, may you have refush shlemarefuah


Praying for your speedy refuah shlema. Rav Lazer... you are wonderful.

Much love from Canada,



Inspirational words of Emuna, even though you are unwell.
G-d willing all will be well in your recovery.


Refuah shelymah Rav Brody. We are davening for you! Every blessing always,
Michelle and Steve Miller

jonathan schultz

Refuah shleimah Rav Brody!!!

Dov Ber


From me too, R' Brody!!! רפואה שלימה ממש

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