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The Tiniest Light

Tiniest light
Try this experiment: go into a pitch-black room, like a cellar or a bomb shelter with the lights off. Take a pack of matches with you and light a match. Better yet, light a small candle. Notice how one tiny flame illuminates so much darkness. 

The above phenomenon is a wonderful spiritual metaphor: sure, there are tons of evil in the world - wherever you go, wherever you look. But, one righteous person engaged in charitable deeds and in spreading love, peace and joy virtually purifies the atmosphere. The Gemara teaches that such a person can save the world.

You, cherished friend, have every attribute to be that person. Even if you regard yourself as nothing more than one tiny light, you can illuminate the darkness, if you only believe in your ability to do so. G-d bless for a lovely Shabbat!


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Your right ! if you go on you tube videos of real rashaime who completely go against morality in public and rejoice in it on top of that have sometimes as many as 1 billion views ie lady gaga Hashem yerachame ! videos of tzaddikime ie rebbes like the lubavitcher rebbe of Blessed memory have never more that ive seen then 50,000 views . Its a frenzy of hedonism on almost all college campuses in North america . Lazer the tradition is 18 hidden tzaddikime in every dor , we need to counteract that with 50,000 in this dor .

leah amdur

Not to mention that horrendous video that was posted of the Nachal army in Dimona on Thursday. Out duty is to shine a light but we have to die rather than place our children in a place where there is immorality. This alternative lifestyle has taken root in our society so much so that it is a criminal offence to talk against them. Shine a light on this and lets enlighten everyone.

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