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Separated, or One?

The Immortal Soul

Immortal soul
Since the soul is a tiny spark of Godliness, it has the same characteristics that its Creator has. Just as the Creator is infinite, so is the soul. They both defy time and space, and neither ever dies. So, the more we live a spiritually-oriented life, the more we overcome the downward tendency of bodily-oriented depression and disappointment. The soul never gets old. If cared for properly, it never degenerates. And, if we provide its needs, we attain both happiness and inner peace.


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Natalie Shaw

Why are there no comments about our boys. Am Israel is in pain. Please help and guide us.

Miriam Sara

Gvach & Shalom ........and.....why is your web page so quiet.....? The silence is deafening .....everything ok? Your a Rebbe:) please break the silence.

The picture associated with this post is really pretty. Thanks.
Becoming more attuned spiritually is devolved over time and with consistency and for me, with personal requests often to g-d, to believe the message of spiritual truth. Also spending time with others who are striving for spiritual awakenings and sharing their experiences fosters spiritual growth.

Please G-d help all who need salvations bruchnius vgashmius, amen.

Good yom tov

Yochanan, UK

Thanks for the inspiration and chizuk

frank morris

This so good, its weird that Christian believe if people don't believe what they believe that the soul will burn for ever in hell.

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