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The moving story of Hannah appears in the first and second chapter of Samuel I: Hannah had no children, and she begged Hashem in the holy tabernacle at Shilo that if He gives her a child, she will dedicate this child to the service of Hashem. Hashem heard her prayers, and Samuel was born.

When Samuel was weaned, Hannah brought him to the High Priest Eli in Shilo, where the little Samuel grew up devoting his entire life to serving Hashem. As Hannah presents her son to Eli, she says, "This is the lad I prayed for; Hashem granted me the request that I asked of Him" (Samuel I, 1:27).

In a beautiful age-old Jewish tradition, when we check on our sleeping children at night, and we see them like little angels fast asleep, we repeat the above passage as an expression of gratitude to Hashem, and we continue to pray for their spiritual and physical welfare and development.

Shraga Gold, soloists Motty Steinmetz, Levi Falkowitz, Moshe Mendlowitz and the Shira Choir sing Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz's lovely rendition of Hannah's moving expression of gratitude in the following beautiful clip, which we hope you enjoy as much as we did. G-d bless and much joy from your children!


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Raquel Leyva

My name is Raquel Leyva and I have been trying to contact you regarding Rafael Elisha Meir ben Devorah. He is 6 years old and has brain cancer and needs help. Tamar Yonah interviewed the mother about two weeks ago. We are trying to collect 100,000 signatures for the FDA to grant him the use of an experimental drug. We are close we have 90,000 but are having a hard time to get the last 10,000 could you be so kind to ask your listeners and readers to help this child. The link for the petition is My phone is 832-647-1812. My Rabbi is Rabbi Yaghobian in Houston (I had the honor to meet you last year at his shull). Thank you


Baruch Hashem... such a beautiful song...thank you...

Annette Gaustad

It is a pity that I don't understand Hebrew!

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