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V'Afilu B'Hastora: Hashem, Don't Hide Your Countenance

Amidst all the uncertainty, infighting and threats from our enemies around us here recently, we beg Hashem to have mercy on us and bring the spirit of emuna and teshuva to the hearts of all us. Above all, we plead to Hashem not to hide His countenance from us.

In uncanny timeliness, the holy words of Rebbe Nachman are now being sung all over the world by every leading Jewish singer in dozens of variations. This niggun comforts aching souls.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev says in Likutei Moharan I:56 - "Even in a concealment within a concealment, Hashem is certainly there."

In the moving clip below, our esteemed friend and well-known pillar of Jewish music Yochi Briskman made this beautiful arrangement, featuring lead singer Yisrael Werdyger and the Mezamrim Choir. So you can sing along, here are the original words in transliteration, followed by translation (the first line is Yiddish, and the second two lines are Hebrew):

V'afilu B'Hastora - Even in Concealment

(1) Der Aibishter zogt inz, "Kinderlach, Anochi haster panai bayom hahu", ober di Rebbe zogt

Hashem says to us, "Children, I will conceal Myself on that day", but the Rebbe says

(2) V'afilu b'hastora shebatokh hahastora bevadai gam sham nimtza Hashem Yisborach

Even in a concealment within a concealment, Hashem may He be blessed is certainly there

(3) Gam me'achrei hadevorim hakashim ha'omdim alekha, Ani omed.

And behind the the difficult things that stand before you, I stand.

May we all hear good tidings soon, amen!


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Miriam Sara

Baruch Dayan ha emes(((- I am sorry for this painful situation. -(

Amen to teshuva, emuna and Hashem's revealed countenance.

I am sorry some people are out-of-touch with reality and rely on the opposite of truth to solve problems. If the proposed solution is l'shame shamyayim (for the sake of heaven) then the foundation will be strong, fruitful and everlasting, amen.

Ad Mosai Aveinu?

On a lighter note, the music and singing is beautiful and also shows the positive power of a unified group . Thank you R"B for sharing this.

Have a Shabbat Shalom everyone in Israel and everyone outside of Israel.

Ruchel Kersner

Thank you Rabbi Brody for bringing such music & voices into our lives. Shabbat shalom to you and your family.


Many thanks for this posting of chizuk.

Can you recommend a music CD containing the best, most 'Breslev', musical interpretation of this niggun, please?

Lazer Brody

Yes, David - try Yosef Karduner's version in his new album.

Howard M. Axtell

Rabbi Brody, my husband and I have listened to this song everyday since you first posted it on your Lazer Beams website. We love it so much and even more so now that you have explained what it is about and what it means in regards to what has happened in Israel in the past weeks! Thank you so very much for sharing it with us!Howard and Beverlee

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