Double Concealment: You Don't Fool Us, Hashem!
Thank You, Hashem

The Ongoing Megilla of the Geula

מגילת גאולה
People lose patience - let's not hold a stopwatch in front of Hashem. Yes, we all want Moshiach and Geula; we neither know when it'll happen or how. But we do know two major facts that none of our spiritual leaders argue with:

  1. The more people learn emuna and enhance their relationship with Hashem, the more peaceful and miraculous the Geula (the full redemption of our people) will be; and,
  2. The Geula is fast on the way. Just as you don't feel planet Earth traveling around the sun at the blinding orbital speed of 19 miles per second, or 67,000 miles per hour, you don't feel the speed that the Geula is unfolding. I'll give you an example - it takes 30 minutes to read the Megilla of Esther; when juxtaposed, the events seem rapid-fire successive, one after the other. But in actuality, it was a 13-year process. Same goes here.

Do you remember when I told you that POTUS Trump is Achashverosh, 22 months ago? Although Trump fans in Israel, from PM Bibi on down to the pro-Trump man on the Tel Aviv Street, are lamenting that Trump sold Israel down the river by his abrupt pullout from Syria. This to me is great news, because we don't depend on any flesh-and-blood, only on Hashem. But even so, it's not the first time Trump has been topsy turvy ideologically, just like Achashverosh, who one minute kills his wife because his adviser says so and the next minute kills his adviser because his wife says so.

What's the difference between Obama caving into Iran on the unfortunate nuclear deal and Trump handing Syria to Iran and Russia on a platter with his pullout decision? No difference - they're both sellouts.

Do you know why I love sellouts? Because they are a gift from Hashem so that no one here will have anyone to turn to but Him. Remember, Hashem uses rightists and leftists, Democrats and Republicans, or whoever else all as puppets to implement His script. 

In August of 2015, in a post entitled Geula and Sellout, I wrote something that is even more relevant today that when I wrote it: "One of the major preconditions of Geula - the full redemption of our people, the ingathering of the exiles, the coming of Moshiach and the rebuilding of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem - is that Israel will stand alone. This means that Israel's so-called friends will sell her down the river. Whether or not the USA backs Israel is meaningless to those of us who are fortunate to trust in Hashem rather than in any wobbly reed. Soon, the USA won't be able to help itself, much less anyone else. Yet, today the US Administration's sellout of Israel is official. Looking at current affairs through eyes of emuna, we should all be delighted, for this is one additional quantum leap toward Geula and the type of world we dream of. 

Hashem is also dismantling the Israeli politician-power myths. With elections on the way, both the Israeli right and the Israeli left are in a crumbled disarray with more splintering, bickering and treachery than I ever remember in the 49 years that Israel has been my home. To add to the chaos, our sources say that there could be earth-shaking indictments before the upcoming elections of April 4th. The Geula steam-roller is picking up both speed and intensity. As the classic phrase in Sota 49b says, we have no one to lean on but Hashem. The sooner we internalize that, the quicker we'll say the splendor of Geula, speedily and in our days, amen.

BTW - if you think this is exciting, don't leave the stadium yet - the game's not over... 


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Dear Rav Brody,

Would you care to comment on any of the following:

1. I believe it was the Rebbe who said that when the Jews start making aliya from France it is a sign of the redemption. Be"D there is talk of plans of bringing 200,000 French Jews to Israel.
2. Also, I believe that the Rebbe said that Netanyahu will be the last pm before Moshiach, so if he falls soon one way or another, it could be a very good sign.
3. I heard in a shiur that Moshiach won't come until a person has no money left in his pocket and that this could mean the move to a cashless society. A new law has just been passed limiting the amount of cash that can be used in transactions as a move to the cashless society. On the one hand it is horribly undemocratic, anti-freedom and part of the ever encroaching surveillance society. On the other hand could this too also be a sign?

Thanks you.

Hadassah Atarah

Amein! Excellent! Chazak u Baruch!

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