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Tuesday, 01 January 2019


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Dear Rav Brody,

Would you care to comment on any of the following:

1. I believe it was the Rebbe who said that when the Jews start making aliya from France it is a sign of the redemption. Be"D there is talk of plans of bringing 200,000 French Jews to Israel.
2. Also, I believe that the Rebbe said that Netanyahu will be the last pm before Moshiach, so if he falls soon one way or another, it could be a very good sign.
3. I heard in a shiur that Moshiach won't come until a person has no money left in his pocket and that this could mean the move to a cashless society. A new law has just been passed limiting the amount of cash that can be used in transactions as a move to the cashless society. On the one hand it is horribly undemocratic, anti-freedom and part of the ever encroaching surveillance society. On the other hand could this too also be a sign?

Thanks you.

Hadassah Atarah

Amein! Excellent! Chazak u Baruch!

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