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Thank You, Hashem

There is so much to be thankful for, both on a national level and a personal level. Hashem has been doing awesome miracles for us; if we had the slightest inkling, we'd be dancing all day long. At this moment, He continues to do awesome miracles. I want to share one of the most widely viewed video clips that Emuna Outreach ever made - as of today, it's been viewed over 1.8 Million times! It's the type of clip you can see dozens of times, and never get tired of it. In the same manner, when we never tire of thanking Hashem, we know that our souls are healthy.

Pass this clip on to your friends and relatives, especially if they're still far from Hashem. If it doesn't warm their hearts, then send them for an urgent EKG. Chodesh Tov!


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Mack Weinstein

Thank you for remember me the beauty of Creation and BLESS HASHEM and all that is within me. Psalm 103.

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