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Thursday, 03 January 2019


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I do read your column for strength and emuna and receive it. But the pain is to great too bear to see politicians and nazi-style policemen beating up the youths who are the few in the world who believe, like no other, that this is our land. I also have my personal challenges that don’t exactly earn me a gold medal in emuna. I’ve been seriously thinking of taking anti depressants. I know you’ll say anyone with emuna doesn’t need. But the cruelty is unbearable. Sorry, but this punishment from Hashem is too much to keep holding on. It’s time for Hashem to show He lives his children by keeping His promise to redeem us. Period.


Hannah, I share your pain - these are the birthpangs of Moshiach; our sages tell us that the Geula is like giving birth - tremendous pain followed by immense joy. Every blessing, LB


Thank you Lazer....you’re the best...as far as birth pangs...some go about it naturally and even enjoy it in a jacuzzi...and others prefer epidurals or tish-tush...


If you really look at what is going on at least officially The main or one of the main reasons president Trump chose to with draw as Bs Netanyahu has indicated that he is going to make a major move in Syria. I for one don't believe it. For starters I have been saying & unfortunately have been proven right B.S. Netanyahu The disgraceful head of the political & Arab let State of Israel Yes Arab led! is all talk & very little do. The only real reason he did anything about the tunnels which they didn't accidently discover shortly before the operation to seal them is to puff up his image & try &keep his coalition together & avoid new elections of which he failed look at the facts he has approved & allowed the torture & the resulting forced confession of innocent Jewish teens. Even though he probably tried to hide & downplay it the fact is he gives to The Pa terrorist group & others hundreds of millions of dollars. He & the rest of the Knesset including the so called religious ministers & members have no real Jewish pride not even true Israeli Patriotism They allow the Arabs full participation including electing representatives to the ruling body The Knesset or the Parliament! Yes other countries including Israel have right left & center political parties but no one else allows a sworn enemy one who curse you everyday openly one who controls the holiest site in the world that of the Bais Hamikdash! to such an extent when cameras were placed there for protection & security the rulers called for riots to show who is the real boss etc. & what happened? the cameras were quickly removed & any extra security measures along with it. Then there is besides the constant attacks & killing of innocent civilians which continues to go unpunished there was the ultimate surrender which to date has led to a major uptick in threats & attacks that of the ultimate surrender the phony ceasefire deal to date which has been broken numerous times after over 500 rockets were fired into Israel His excuse? I am privy to intelligence I can't tell anyone about not even The Knesset! Why haven't the police, the States attorney or the AG why hasn't the Justice minister signed off? indicted him for corruption or his wife? what are they afraid of? what hold does he have on them? In conclusion the elections in April will not change anything if anything things will get worse I don't see anyone toppling Netanyahu & no one running is vowing to truly protect the nation Bennet? wants to give away 40- 50% of our land to the enemy for" self autonomy"! Livni would be even worse. we cannot & must not rely on anyone But Hashem. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Schneerson said over & over again in his Sichos or talks not to give an inch It is dangerous beside the fact it is against Jewish law of which the Political state does not care one bit about. We need to be strong. & in the last 30 yrs even further back we heard & it is repeated constantly That Moshiach is on his way we must ( every Jew not just his followers) Do everything we can on our end To Bring Moshiach Now! We have also heard from some of the most Prominent of Gedolim, Rabbonim That Moshiach is already here among us an affirmation of what the Rebbe said on Shabbos Mishpatim 5751 during the UN disarmament conference that Took place in NYC that behold Moshiach ( The commanding General so to speak is a ready here affecting the world fighting the battles. There is the well known saying it is darkest before the dawn & the physical fact that a little bit of light takes away alout of darkness the more light the less darkness we must do everything within our power to bring more light into this world & eliminate the darkness forever!


Excellent comment to Gershon. Everything is being guided by H' and He is allowing the puppet PM to continue until Moshiach Tzdkeinu will take over. We don't understand H's Ways, but it is leading us to our Geulah. The medinah is losing its purpose and true EY will arise from it. From the start it's been led by the Erev Rav, except for certain exceptions. No normal country especially with the title of being the 'Jewish' country would allow its mortal enemies to be part of its government. Truly oxymoronic. Thus, only putting our total emuna and bitachon in HaKadosh Baruch Hu, is the answer.

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