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The 4-Minute Kettlebell Office Routine

4m kb workout

Turn your office into a gym and turn a small part of your coffee break into a health-revolutionizing regime that will only take 4 minutes a day of your precious time. Keep one kettlebell in your office - that's all you need to get started down the road to great health and conditioning. 

This 4-minute, nonstop, no-rest kettlebell routine will have a dramatic effect on your health and mood. With only one moderate-sized kettlebell, you'll not only burn about 50 calories during this workout, but you'll double your metabolic calorie burn for the next hour, which will be an after-burn of another 90 calories, give or take. And, this brief routine is enough to give a shot of endorphin, the post-exercise "feel good" hormone.

Here's the routine:

30 seconds - kettlebell slingshot clockwise

30 seconds - kettlebell slingshot counter-clockwise

60 seconds - 1-hand alternating kettlebell swing

30 seconds - kettlebell goblet squat

30 seconds - kettlebell clean - right hand

30 seconds - kettlebell clean - left hand

15 seconds - kettlebell halo - clockwise

15 seconds - kettlebell halo - counter-clockwise

Total = 4 minutes

Suggested kettlebell  weight (less for beginners):

moderate, men = 18% of your body weight

moderate, women = 10% of your body weight

vigorous, men = 25% of your body weight

vigorous, women = 14% of your body weight

In other words, if you're a man that weighs 167 pounds (76 kg), you'll pick a 30-lb (14kg) kettlebell for a moderate workout; a woman who weighs 124 pounds (56 kg) will choose a 12-pound (6 kg) kettlebell.

If you change nothing else in your lifestyle, but you do the above routine every day, you'll lose between 1-2 pounds a month; not only that, but you'll feel much better. These 4 minutes a day will save you hours in doctor's offices as well. Worth it? Go for it!


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Hi Rabbi,
Please post the price!
Chanukah sameach!


Freyda, on Amazon you can get yourself a 10 or 15-lb kettlebell, which is all you need to start, for $17 including free USA shipping. See here:


I work at home but I need to try these kettlebell routine. Thanks for sharing!

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