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Mitzvot and Body Health: Torah and Chakras

Torah chakras
Hello Rabbi,

Does the performance or violation of the mitzvot affect the body? More specifically, I have a pain in my right leg that no doctor has been able to cure? Is there something spiritual I may have done wrong or a correction to make? Thank you! Wim B., Amsterdam

Dear Wim,

A 16th century CE scholar from Tzfat, Rabbi Elazar Azikari (who composed "Yedid Nefesh" and was a colleague of the famed father of Kabbala Rabbi Yitzchak Luria) wrote a monumental book called "Sefer Hacharedim", or The Book of the (G-d) Fearing. In this book, he takes each part of the body and lists the corresponding mitzva. There are 613 mitzvas that correspond to the 613 parts of the body. The fulfillment of a mitzva adds to the spiritual vitality of the corresponding body part, and the spiritual vitality strongly influences the physical health of that particular body part.

For example, tefillin affects the left arm and the front part of the head. Belief in G-d affects the heart. Eye problems can often be traced to stinginess (refusal to give charity) or to looking at forbidden things. It's quite noteworthy that cervical cancer is almost unheard of among woman who practice family purity. The list is long and elaborate.

What happens? Observing or transgressing the Torah has a direct effect on the soul. How? Torah is Divine light, or energy. The human energy field, or aura, is a field of energy that surrounds and permeates not only every part, but every cell of your body. Different mitzvoth affect different parts of the body. This is something that famed Kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Azikari knew over 500 years ago and can now be proven tangibly with modern technology.

My esteemed colleague and renowned head of the Hidabroot Organization, Rabbi Zamir Cohen, who is a brilliant rabbi and an expert on Torah and science, proved with the aid of aura-and-chakra videography how tefillin for men and hair-covering for women have a profound effect on a person's chakras. He brings visible proof in his book The Coming Revolution, and its amazing. 

Simply speaking, health comes from the Divine illumination that's reflected in one's chakras. Performing mitzvoth enhance Divine illumination and are therefore conducive to good health. The opposite holds true as well: physical sicknesses are rooted in spiritual causes, since the spirit is the life force. Therefore, many physical ailments can be cured by Teshuva, that is, correcting a mitzva that in turn healthfully influences a certain part of the body. That's it while standing on one foot.

As far as the pain in your right leg, ask Hashem in your daily hitbodedut sessions to enlighten you as to what has brought on the pain and to help you to make teshuva for the root cause. I'd also suggest that you check if you haven't insulted your father or fail to honor him in any way.

Stay healthy, Wim. Warm regards to all our friends in Holland. Blessings always, Lazer