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Monday, 03 December 2018


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Yehonatan Easton

The Sfas Emes says that Chanuka is the doorway to the Geulah -- may the Rav's dream be the opening of the door to the Geulah Shleimah.


Yes, you are the new temple not made by human hands. Your heart the alter, your mind the courts. Your spirit the living Holy of Holies! Has He not already told you this! How can this be?

Sorah Berger

This is such an incredible dream!
Hopefully its an omen of good things to come!

Lisa Muskal

Dreams like these, with full emotion and inspiration upon waking, are just phenomenal. My first thought was of course! And then thought number 2 was that the inspiration for the building of the Temple must have been similar. Thought number 3; isn't there somewhere in Tenach that says HaShem wears Tefillin? Thought number 4; then this is the direct connection to HaShem and his wanting our closeness to be at the top of his head as tefillin sits on top of "His Head"! Wow! Awesome thoughts inspired by your Holy dream!


Rabbi, according to Rebbe Natan (see Likutei Halachot, Chanukah, 4) and the Shem Mishmuel from Suchachov, tefillin is an aspect of the Holy Temple. What's more, the Shinowa Rebbe (son of Rebbe Chaim of Zanz) said that if a person sees a tzaddik in his dream, then the dream must be true. Look's like your dream is very real. Happy Chanukah from Gush Etzion


Shotgun, you're awesome, my brother! Thanks to you and to everyone else for your input.

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