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Wednesday, 12 December 2018


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Hello Racheli,

I recommend everyone view the entire video, not just children. I believe this video is about Emuna!

Dr. Rigsby speaks of 'failure' being the foundation for growth, not despair. Emuna teaches us that everything comes from Hashem - for our very best and specific purpose, and that 'perceived failures or hardships' are beneficial. He goes on and tells that a life filled with kindness (chesed) and purpose, with ego nullification enables a person to be the best version of themselves. And, of course, the unwavering support of his father, equates to Hashem, who loves us, always!

Dr. Rick Rigsby is a former award-winning journalist and college professor at Texas A&M University. This video was a commencement speech at California State University Maritime Academy.

All the best!



Thank you so much, Reuven! I absolutely agree with you. It is definitely a speech about emuna! Failure is really the greatest stepping stone to success if you think about it. Thank you so much for your insight! Shabbat Shalom!

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