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Tuesday, 13 November 2018


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May H' protect every Yehudi in all of EY. But, not wiping out the enemy completely is a literal chet! Piecemeal offensive is a disgrace; only complete victory is righteous which will bring sheket and peace and sanctify H's Holy Name.


Israel agreed to Hamas request for a ceasefire.
A ceasefire years ago meant that Hamas went from having tens of outdated, homemade rockets all the painful way to now, where they have tens of thousands of powerful, deadly and highly accurate weapons. So you tell me what this ceasefire will allow Hamas to achieve in the next round. Compare the damage now to what it was years ago. I have emuna and I know all I’m supposed to know. Yet I am depressed. I should sing for joy at this matsav?


There can't be peace with them they don't won't peace they want to destroy Israel and we cannot let this go anymore enough is enough I'm Ex Israeli Military and my family lives there. Complete Victory will bring sheket to our land of Milk and Honey. I'm depressed and worried for the safety of Israel prayers.........

Devora Sinton

A Revealed Nes....the soliders whose bus was hit with a targeted attack by Hamas were singinging Al Hannisim on the way and left 2 minutes earlier. See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNdLz21H7Q8.


Phenomenal, Devora! Thanks so much!


Just to clarify what I sent above was not accurate. This was just sent to me

It is amazing it should have been true but that in that particular video the soldiers singing are not the soldiers from the bus. These are Sderot hesder yeshiva boys on the way to Aza. Still good :)

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