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Did I ever tell you about the day I decided to become a Certified Fitness Trainer? What does a rabbi want to do that for anyway? The body is so closely entwined with the soul that many spiritual and emotional ailments are connected to the misuse of the body, so a knowledge of health, diet and fitness enhances spiritual guidance. That's all true, but it's not what gave me the push to devote the time and effort necessary to receive my certifications.

It was the loudspeaker in my neighborhood blaring one winter morning at about 11 AM: "The funeral procession of Avraham Levy (name changed for obvious reasons - the above photo is bogus, just to emphasize the point at hand) will depart from the Central Synagogue on Rotem Street at 1:30 PM." Before long, the walls of the neighborhood were plastered with black-and-white posters announcing his death. Avraham was 46, and he left a widow and 8 kids.

I knew Avraham - he was the nicest person in the world. But, he was grossly overweight. He'd drink coffee with milk and 3 teaspoons of sugar, He drank Cokes instead of water. In the morning after davening, he'd participate in the daily "L'Chayim" that includes chocolate or banana liqueur and rugalach, rolled pastries with trans-fat up in never-never land.

What a waste.

Every morning in the mikva, I cringe when I see so many young men in their 20's, 30's and 40's with cascades of needless blubber rolling down their midsections. These guys outnumber the 6-pack abs Chassidim 8-to-1. Is that what the Rambam wanted?

I detest attending funerals for young people. I don't want to see any more kids orphaned because of their parents' sweet tooth and lack of health awareness. That's why I became a CFT. That's why I started Emuna Fitness and write essays like A Healthy Hanukkah, my feature article on this week's new edition of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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