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Sunday, 25 November 2018


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Rivka Levy

Thanks for putting this shiur together, Rav Brody, and for pulling all the halachic sources into one place. BH, more people will take it to heart, even though it can be very difficult to see past our own biases to actually try to give God what He really wants.


Good to hear from you, Rebbetzen Rivka - thanks so much for your input and much success!


@RavBrody - you've given some amazing shiruim over the years, but this one is awesome!

CLEAR as a bell! I listened to it from start to finish and could pinpoint where my thinking and feelings need to change.

Yashir ko'ach


Here's a couple interesting points on Cardinal Aaron Jean Marie Lustiger a"h.
1] A few decades ago someone bombed a well known Jewish restaurant in Downtown Paris. Rav Sitruk zassa"l called for a protest march in the streets of Paris. Cardinal Lustiger marched along with Rav Sitruk zassa"l shoulder to shoulder.
2] Lustiger said to Rav Sitruk, "I was born a Jew & will die a Jew. That I grew up as a catholic & became what I become does not cancel that out, not in fact, & not in my heart".
3] It was known that if he would have become pope, he would have seen to it that the decrees against Jews, crypto-Jews/anusim etc would be cancelled.


Very good shiur. You really made the halacha on captured babies clear. Well done! Thanks for listening to us that wanted the sources and taking the time to put them together.


@Rebecca - my pleasure, and thanks to everyone for your input - special thanks to you, Rebecca, and all those who requested the shiur.


That was very interesting Rabbi Brody, thanks. I was wondering if sometime you could do something similar for your non -Jewish readers. Judaism for me sometimes seems like an "addiction" for a better word, I end up feeling inferior and really down. Even words as simple as "goyim"" seem so degrading. The reason I say "addiction" is that most people can stop when something is harming them. I just feel Judaism is too high level for most non -Jews.


Dear Rav Brody, I am disappointed that you did not address my questions, especially with respect to Pittsburghnacht being the big wake-up call to Jews to leave the exile urgently. Why do I call it Pittsburgnacht? (shabat shalom America for purists if you will). Just as in Germany there was increasing (but bearable) anti-semitism before Kristallnacht, but after it no Jew could ignore the situation. So too in America, there has been an increasing number of anti-semitic attacks (58% of all hate crime is against the 2% of Jews), mainly against easily identifiable frum Jews, but Pittsburg was the big one, which burst the bubble of the liberal Jews who can no longer think that it wasn't meant for them.

I have heard only one rabbi online saying that Jews must make aliya urgently. All the rest are either silent or pushing the line that they should be dancing down Main Street not afraid of dying, not be carrying guns (as that invites violence) or reveling in the coming together with the gentiles. Someone wrote that America of 2018 is not Germany of 1938 and he is right, because every new wave of persecution comes in a different packaging and without specific instructions as to how the nightmare is to unfold.

The Israeli response is to hold a solidarity march for the diaspora. How much more perverse can things get? If now is not the time to be screaming for Jews to make aliya, I don't know when is.

Your post: Rav Yehuda Zev Leibowitz's Third Prediction


Dear Rabbi Brody, I'd like to thank Rabbi Arush and yourself for all your help you've given me over the last 10 years.
I am going to refrain from the internet for a while as I just get confused by those who "hate" others.
There are lots of books and Cd's you've sent me over the years to keep my mind on Hashem, also the Duties of the heart, I need to start reading books again.

Thank you



Dear Rabbi Brody, I am posting this as something extraordinary has happened in the last couple of days. In the Duties of the Heart, Rabbi Bachya says to look into his words scientifically.
Through Hashem's will, I have come across the work of the cell Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton. The Duties of the heart and Dr Lipton's research seem to complement each other, the research even answers the question of why some people "hate"
Although I always believed, I never realised that the scientific proof of G-d existed.


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