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Iron Dome, Ceasefire: There's no one but Hashem

Iron Dome
According to the IDF scorecard after the first 370 missiles were fired in yesterday's hostilities (today brought the score up to 450 by the time the ceasefire came into effect at 3:30 PM our local time), the Iron Dome missile missile-defense system succeeded in intercepting only 100 of them. That's less than 30%, nowhere near a passing grade in any classroom (or battlefield). Two years ago, the Iron Dome was knocking down more than 80%. What that means is that Hamas uses every ceasefire to upgrade. Their new missiles, courtesy of Iran and Syria, are sophisticated enough to outsmart the Iron Dome, as the direct hits on homes and factories unfortunately bear witness to.

This evening, many residents in the south are demonstrating and burning tires to protest the ceasefire, whose terms Hamas virtually dictated. Hamas is parading the streets of Gaza in glee, celebrating the bloody nose it gave Israel.

Yes, Israel's political leaders are loquacious and indecisive. But with emuna, we know that it's Hashem who makes them act that way. Once again, we see another inexplicable round of violence and an even more inexplicable ceasefire, a cycle that has become biannual over here.

Hashem wants to show us that we can't depend on political leaders. Even if we replace the current ones, their replacements will act the same once they sit down in those cushy velvet chairs around the coalition's mahogany table. Hashem is also showing that we certainly can't on Iron Dome either. We can only depend on Him.

Despite everything, Hashem still did tremendous miracles. 450 missiles fell, there was all kinds of chaos and property damage, yet only one person was killed - not even an Israeli - but a worker from the PA village of Halhoul illegally sleeping over in Ashkelon. There were no Jewish Israeli fatalities!

Hashem is giving us another chance to learn emuna and do teshuva. Once we do, we're home free. But, if people simply use the respite to go back to their sidewalk cafes, then the next round of hostilities will be even worse. What's more, if Iron Dome's success against Gaza was a mere 27% (flunking Fall Semester midterms against Gaza, 2018), what will it be against Hizbollah, whose firepower is twenty times that of Gaza?

Teshuva and emuna - there is no other alternative. That's why we say that emuna is our future.


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Incredible but true :
- Tikoun Haklali (psalms 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, 150) = 749 (guematria)
- כיפת ברזל (גמטריה = 749)
You know what you have to do now !


Fantastic, Mike, that's a WOW that sums up everything I wrote in this post. Thanks so much!


Hello Rabbi Brody,

I have been looking forward to see on this site what is the Rabbi's view on the event that occurred in Pittsburgh, PA? and now the fires in California?

Thank you in advance


Not to nitpick, but I think the math in incorrect:

Your calculation *assumes* that there was an attempt to intercept each of the 370 rockets launches. So at 100 intercepts that gives use 27% accuracy.

This assumption is incorrect.

The Iron Dome system doesn't attempt to intercept *all rocket launches*. It's designed to intercept only rockets that have an impact trajectory in a populated area. In other words, the Iron Dome ignores rockets that are likely to miss populated areas.

So, to correctly calculate the accuracy, you need to know how many times the Iron Dome attempted to intercept a rocket. Not just how many rockets were fired. The Iron Dome never tried to hit all of the rockets.


Shimon you have a point there, yet even with that adjustment it was still less than 50% !!

And rav Lazer kol hakavod again hit the nail on the head!
I may add a hasmakhtah to what you said from hhaza"l: A nation/state gets it leaders as per its merits or demerits.
When people & gov'ts stop fighting Hashem & the Torah peace will come."...... veshavtem betahh" (follow the rules & you will live in peace)

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