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Wednesday, 06 June 2018


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Uhg, I know, and I am totally one of those who don’t share too much of how it’s really going. My thinking is: people are already bogged down with their own issues and don’t need to hear mine, and the “how are ya” was more of a pleasantry than a “lay it all out there for me!”

It’s not that I’m not necessarily my true self around others, it’s just that I’m the most vanilla, noncontroversial aspect of myself around others. Sure, my husband gets my true colorful self, but I am always too insecure to put myself “out there” for people who won’t get me (or don’t have the time to get me.) I know it makes me boring, though.

So, we just moved to a new town and I have challenged myself to put it all out there and not be shy—just relax and be my full self when I meet new people. I told HaShem, if they don’t like me, that’s what you want anyway. If they do like me, then cool!


Hey Molly! You brought up a good point. Being real doesn't necessarily mean you have to put it all out there, it just means that when the opportunity is right, you let your true personality shine. You're totally right that most greetings aren't expected to be met with a whole list of how your life is going, but it's up to you to use your judgment and know who's just making small talk and who's really being genuine.
I hope your move brings out the best in you and your family, and Hashem should bless you with many years of health, happiness, success, and spirituality!

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