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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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What a write up Racheli! I loved it! I will certainly email this to my coworkers and friends. And yes, I heard about this...on the iphone of a coworker. I heard Yearme......stupidity...

ANYWAY, wish someone would make "Mashiach Now" or "MusictoLoud"


Thanks so much, Geula! I like your idea! Keep in touch!


I would like to suggest that maybe this is what happened when Hashem spoke at Mount Sinai. Some people heard "Shamor" (guard) the Sabbath, and some heard "Zachor" (Remember) the Sabbath. That's why we have the tradition that Hashem said both simultaneously. 50% of the Jews heard one and 50% heard the other. They concluded that Hashem said both at the same time miraculously.


Very interesting, Pinney! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Racheli, I loved the point you made out of the whole fad but the first part of your post is not correct. There is actually a scientific reason why people hear the word differently. I for one heard only Laurel (and my ears are clean, haha). As hard as I tried, I could not hear Yanny. It has to do with the way one's ears hear the sound waves. Apparently, older people hear the lower tones of Laurel much more than the younger crowd. It also depends on the acoustics in the room, etc etc. So while I admit it's a waste of time, it's not stupidity. Whoever wasted his/her time producing that sound clip was probably quite intelligent (and should be learning Gemara instead, lol)


Chaya, I apologize, but you seemed to have missed my very dry and sarcastic humor. Don't worry - you're not the first and you won't be the last! lol If I really felt it was stupidity I wouldn't have dedicated a whole post to it! ;)))

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