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CandlesAfter the horrific mass murder of 17 innocent children in a place that was supposed to shield them from the outside world, a place where parents shouldn't have to worry about whether or not their child will return home alive from school that day, the American People are outraged.

They are outraged that people like Nikolas Cruz are able to acquire guns and simply walk into a school and start a killing spree. 

I'd just like to elaborate on a question that David, one of our dear readers, asked regarding my last post: "WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE??" His point: When the Jews do something, anything to defend themselves against terrorists, the world is outraged.

We all know the story line. How dare we protect and defend our land and our People from insane terrorists whose mission in life is to run people over, blow them up, and stab them to death. How dare we even refer to them as terrorists! 

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE when the bomb-loving terrorists kill our innocent people and then hand out candies to celebrate? 

Let's switch our focus back to this latest tragedy. Yes, people are outraged. 

But at what?

Some are outraged at the fact that Cruz was able to acquire firearms and ammunition. So they're outraged at the Second Amendment. While I don't want to get into a debate about the Second Amendment, I'd just like to point out that making it illegal or very difficult to buy guns just makes it harder for the good people to defend themselves, which, by the way, everyone still has the right to do. We have this little thing called a Constitution, which gives Americans some rights that most people with common sense actually appreciate. 

Others are outraged at President Trump, though I really don't understand why. Their outrage is so misdirected that we end up with morons telling a poor father who was looking for his murdered daughter that he had it coming to him because he wore a t-shirt that showed he was a Trump supporter. 

While everyone is outraged by this absolute nightmare of a tragedy, Hashem have mercy, I have my own set of outrage questions:

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against Big Pharma, criminal drug pushers who are responsible for putting MILLIONS of people and children on dangerous, unproven drugs whose side effects are usually worse than the diseases themselves?

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against all of the pedophiles, rapists, and molesters that are allowed to hold high positions in office and run the country?

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against men who leave their wives and children because they couldn't control their libidos?

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against abusive spouses, parents, and guardians?

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against leaders of countries who are committing rape, child trafficking, civil war, and genocide on a mass scale?

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against the soul-destroying agenda of the Transgender movement, who is setting up innocent children for a lifetime of self-hate and confusion - and possible suicide?

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE against the UN and all anti-Semitic countries who are doing everything they can to make the State of Israel go bye-bye?

I'll tell you where the outrage is.

It's in Facebook, where people are so busy insulting each other, cutting each other down, and trying to show the world that they're the wisest prophet to have ever walked the Earth. Seriously?! What is the meaning of getting into conversations, arguments, and revealing your darkest secrets with total strangers? Am I missing something here?

Is life so much more exciting when you don't know who you're talking to?

We've become so numb to reality, it seems we're living more in our phones than in real life. Even people sitting in a restaurant at dinner, in the elevator, even at home with their kids - most have their faces about 12 inches from the screen of their phones. 

Instead of being outraged by nonsense, let's be outraged by the fact that we're losing precious time on social media and online activities that don't serve any constructive purpose. People, we can never get that time back!

How much time have we lost by having arguments with total strangers on social media? Time that we could have used to make our families' dinner a bit earlier, have the house straightened up by the time the kids got home, or even have all of our work finished - at work? 

Stop and think...

The world is getting more insane by the minute.

What do we want to do with the precious few moments we have with our loved ones? With our lives? 

Will we continue to throw them into the social media sewer?

Or will we decide to put that phone down and spend real quality time with the ones we love?

The choice is yours.



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Hey all you Laser Beams-ers

It’s Tzippy, you know, Racheli’s famous friend from the gym (the one who will beat her at any arm wrestle - hands down).
Racheli is out doing this whole car swap situation with her husband, and I totally hacked into her computer to take over her blog for today. Racheli - this better get posted, or else…

Today’s topic is going to be all about doing Chesed in your everyday life. This week has been one of my craziest weeks ever, I mean like ever. I just moved apartments, purchased furniture for the first time, and launched my business, all in the same two days. Plus on top of that - me, being the absolute genius that I am, decided to throw a party in my new place tomorrow, ya know just to keep it interesting.

Racheli, being the absolute goddess that she is, made me food every single day the last week. Plus, when she invited me over she made it sound like I was doing her a favor. She called me up saying “Can you please come over and help me get rid of this food, because you know me and David fast 23 hours and 45 minutes a day and we don’t want this heavenly food in this house.”

Then when I came over she served me dinner like a queen, drinks and dessert included, helped me out with grocery shopping and finding movers. All the while making it sound like it was no big deal at all. Now unless you are new here, you know Racheli has 5 boys who keep her hands full all day and all night (literally).

But that in my eyes is the definition of a true giver, someone who gives from her entire heart, and has this way of understanding and knowing people’s needs.

It’s the way Chesed was meant to be done.

So thank you Racheli for all your help



Wow! Awesome post, Racheli! I agree with it all, 100%! God help us all... 😢


I think the simple answer is that people aren't outraged about the things you listed because they don't agree with you or are not shocked by some of these things.

Big Pharma? The transgender movement? The reality is that not everyone agrees with your views on these topics. Your truth is there truth. It's not realistic to expect everyone to see it your way.

Antisemitism? Child trafficking? Genocide? These are old hats. Hardly shocking and far (far!) from home for most of us. Most of us would care a lot more if these things were closer to home.

Just a poem to think about


Exactly my point, Kalman. People are so desensitized, so numb to everything around them. Plus, their value system has been so perverted that these issues are not issues at all to them. That was what I was trying to say. Just look at how far we've come from Truth, from just human decency, from living in the "real" world. Sometimes I wonder if we're even human any more!


Thanks so much, Messody! I'll check it out. Where you been??


Thanks so much, Tena! It's so sad that we've become so disconnected from what's real and important in life...


Don't worry, I am not going anywhere.
Unfortunately people will be outraged till mosicah comes. I think people are so numb is because they cannot deal with reality. So they deal with Facebook instead. Picking fights and reading nonsense. Its like watching a train wreck ( an official pastime ). No one wants to become vulnerable so they will seek answers to help them sleep at night. My question is where is the HOPE ? .
Thank you
Have Rabbi Brody look at the poem.


your best post ever!!!!especially what you say about big pharma


WOW, Anne, thank you soooo much!!! I'm especially happy that you agree with me on the Big Pharma crimes against humanity. They are so incredibly evil, and the worst part is that most of the world is completely blind to their evil. Well, we can only do what we can do... Purim Sameach!


Messody, you're totally right, especially about the mud-slinging on facebook. People are so disgusting on there! The same guy who smiles politely at you could be the same guy who's typing all sorts of insults and profanities! It's the ultimate passive-aggressive fun, I guess.
Anyhow, the hope is hiding underneath the couch, along with lost quarters and crumbs of potato chips. If you dig really hard, you'll find it! ;)))


Messody, I couldn't download the poem. Can you send it in a comment? If you don't want me to, I don't have to post it. Thanks!

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