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Tuesday, 23 January 2018


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Mazal Tov, Racheli, David, Yehuda and family! May you continue to have much nachat from your family in good health.


Mazel Tov!

Rachel F

Mazal tov!!! So beautiful! Thanks for posting the photo- you should have tons of Yiddishe nachas from Yehuda, your husband and all your children!


mazal tov Racheli! he s so cute you can be proud! may you continue to write your interesting and entertaining articles and may you make your boys laugh as you make this faithful reader laugh!

Your Spanish Translator ;)

He is Racheli Number Two! Exactly like his mother!
Tons of nachas from him and from all your spring!
They will certainly go far in life with that Iraki blood flowing in their veins! ;)
I hope you had a wonderful party!
ps -- start getting ready for the shidduchim - time FLIES!!! and the next thing - you find yourself circling him seven times under the chuppah!

Your Spanish Translator ;)

SO funny!! Intead of "offspring" I wrote "spring"...
Well, I do have a poetic vein inside, don't I???


Mazel tov!


Thanks so much, LondonMale! The bar mitzvah was off da hook!!


Your Spanish Translator, THANK YOU for your sweet words!! Even your misspelled ones that I didn't catch until you pointed them out! lol I'm sorry you couldn't be there, because it was sooo much fun!! And PLEASE don't talk to me about shidduchim. I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a teenager! YIKES!! It's so funny, I keep looking back on the party and wondering why my mother didn't plan everything. Oh yeah, because I'm supposed to be the adult now. OMG.


Awwww, Anne, that was so sweet! You just made my night! Especially because I'm wondering why I'm sitting here working at 12:15 at night and eating sliced "turkey" that's somehow dark like pastrami but in a circle. I'm actually not sure what it is. But it tastes good! I hope one day my kids will find what I write about them funny. Until then, I ain't showing nothing to them, no way, no how!


Thanks so much for your sweet wishes, Chaya! We should only share in smachot!


Rachel F, thank you so much for your warm wishes!! AMEN and DITTO!!


Oh, and to Your FAVORITE Spanish Translator, thank G-d Yehuda looks like me but he has David's wicked smart brain! Phew! ;))) The kid's got the best of both parents! lololol


Thanks so much, Kalman!!


Mazal Tov ! Lots and lots of nachat!! :-)


Mazel Tov Racheli! He's totally you in a little man:) May you and David have loads of nachas from him your others!


Thanks so much, Nava!! Now I'm dealing with the festivities fallout- the house is a disaster!!


Thank you so much, Rivka!! I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you, but please let me know when you'll be in Bet Shemesh, okay?


Don't worry about aging as long as you and hubby can still rock you are doing good fine. Best wishes.


Thanks so much, Mister! We definitely rock out! At least, I do... lol

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