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Every Compelling Note

"Now I'm keeping Rabbi Brody's flute music with me almost all the time, in my study, playing softly in the background even when I'm consulting with people. You too will feel the difference right away. Every compelling note will draw you closer to G-d, to the land of Israel and to your own holy soul." Dr. Zev Ballen, founder of Emuna Therapy

True Freedom

True freedom means that you are at liberty to seek the truth, even if that's not the popular thing to do. True freedom means that you don't carry around a ball and chain of conformity. True freedom is an ability to break free from anything that stifles your soul. When you walk away from a peer group that's doing something wrong, you are free. If you do what's right despite jeer and ridicule, then you're both courageous and free. That's the lesson of the courageous Levites at the time of the Golden Calf - they walked from what they knew was wrong. Let's follow in their footsteps and separate ourselves from the Golden Calf of 2013. There's no better feeling than doing what's right. The money and the cheap thrills are going down the drain, but Torah, emuna, and mitzva observance are here forever. Hashem is calling all of us in these final days before Moshiach to make a clear choice.