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The Same One

Sunday night at midnight marks the exact time when The Almighty split the Red Sea for the children of Israel. As such, the 7th day of Passover makes for a very inspiring day.

The same G-d who performed miracles 3325 years ago is still around today, performing miracles. Just because a miracle is subtle doesn't make it any less of a miracle. If you examine your own life carefully, you'll find endless miracles.

What's a bigger miracle than the human heart? Guess what - the same G-d that split the Red Sea is personally massaging your heart and mine this very second. No, He didn't create the world and then retire upstairs. He's still with us performing miracles, every second of the day. He's the same One that was at the Red Sea. Blessings for a wonderful Yomtov holiday!

Shabbat of Love: Song of Songs

This Shabbat is Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach, the interim Sabbath of Passover. In the south of Israel, the citrus trees are in full blossom. The weather is perfect. Hashem has taken us out of physical and spiritual bondage, for each Passover is our renewed freedom that we never take for granted, for every day, we thank Hashem shelo asani aved, for not making us slaves. This is a time when our hearts overflow with the love of Hashem; to express this love, we all recite King Solomon's Song of Songs this Shabbat before the Torah reading. As it is, many people sing the Song of Songs every Friday afternoon to welcome the Shabbat.

I'd like to share with you a beautiful taste of traditional Yemenite Jewish prayers. Here is a moving segment of Rabbi Yehuda Gamliel shlit'a reciting Shir HaShirim, the Song of Songs. It's hauntingly beautiful. Have a wonderful Shabbat and a continued joyous Passover!

A Personal Message from Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a

To my dear friends, the "Lazer Beams" readers, may Hashem bless you always!

As Passover is fast approaching, I would like to share with you a project that is very close to my heart - Kimcha D'Piskha,or Flour for Passover.

As you well know, preparing for the holiday of Passover entails heavy expenses. Many worthy families right here in Jerusalem cannot share in the joy and mitzvah of this awesome holiday because of their severe financial limitations. New shoes for the children are the furthest things from their minds when they don't even have money for wine and matzot. Hosting guests for their Seder night is not even a thought. These families are primarily concerned with how they will feed their children the next day. Will there be even a slice of bread to eat? Will there be chicken for Shabbat?

As the Founder and Director of the Chut Shel Chessed Yeshiva, I believe that helping others is one of the greatest mitzvot in the Torah. This is why I have put the name in my Yeshiva - to stress that sharing with and helping others is of vital importance. I believe it is each person’s responsibility to look out for his fellow brother, for we are truly all part of one spiritual body. In fact, Kimcha D'Piskha, helping to provide our needy brothers with all the basic foodstuffs for Passover, is each person's solemn obligation according to Jewish Law.

My Rebbetzin and I do our utmost to find out which families need help and to give them the needed items and financial support. Many times, we do not have to look far to find such families. Right here in our Yeshiva, are many extraordinary men who have devoted their lives to studying Torah; unfortunately, they can barely feed their families.

Let us recall the famous biblical partnership between Yissachar and Zevulun. By financially supporting Yissachar in his Torah study, Zevulun not only became immensely successful, but he acquired tremendous blessings through Yissachar’s spiritual work. This partnership is as valid today as it was thousands of years ago. Supporting our fellow Jews in their lifelong dedication to Torah is considered in Heaven as if we had done this mitzvah ourselves. We are also guaranteed Divine abundance and mercy in our times of need.

Therefore, I invite you to share in the privilege of this lofty mitzvah. Your Kimcha D'Piskha donation will help provide needy families with all their basic needs for Passover, including wine, matzot, dry goods, fruits and vegetables, and poultry and meat.

What better way to fulfill this important mitzvot than by helping the needy of Jerusalem, including pious and hard-working Torah scholars who devote their lives to Divine service and Torah learning? 
To donate online, click here. To donate by phone, or if you have any questions or need help, please call us at +1-718-577-2975 or +972-2-532-3339.

 May Hashem bless you with a joyous and kosher Passover, and a year filled with mercy and abundance.

Yours with every single blessing,

Shalom Arush

Ana Avda

Ana Avda d'Kudasha Brikh Hu is Aramaic for "I am a servant of Hashem." It comes from the the Brikh Shmay prayer that we recite when removing the Torah scroll from the ark on days that we read from the Torah.

Nissan is a happy month, so we're going to have some fun today on the Beams. Take a break from Passover cleaning and watch Dovid Gabay sing his animated version of Ana Avda. Your children will love this!