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We're All Brothers

Here's a rap I wrote on the plane:

There's so much war, people hurt each other

But the other dude, is really my brother

Just because his skin ain't white

That don't mean that he ain't right

Folks from East and folks the west

All got red blood in their chest

So it ain't the body that's really you

Rememba, bro, you gotta soul too

Hey li'l sister, you're really smart?

Listen up, open up your heart

The body stays here for limited years

Full of troubles and full of fears

But the soul you got inside your head

Is live and kickin', it ain't never dead

It's a spark of G-d, 'cause you're His child

Chill, my man, and don't get riled

If I'm His child and you are too

We're all brothers, it's really true.

So let's give faith and peace a try

God loves you, and so do I