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A setback in life is really beneficial, as long as a person doesn't lose heart from it. If a setback stimulates a new beginning and a better second effort, it's wonderful! Rebbe Nachman cites Jonah's cry from deep inside the belly of the whale (see Rebbe Nachman's Discourses, 302) as the type of prayer we should all strive for. Only the earnest cries of a broken heart can pierce all barriers, and uplift the world from the depths of impurity

Rather than losing heart from the setback, one needs to arouse oneself and earnestly seek to reveal the concealed emuna, which makes the person – and the world – much more beautiful than if the emuna were never concealed at all. A setback and its subsequent yearning and renewed effort bring out the best in a person. Life's extreme difficulties reveal such lofty traits as valor and dedication, which make a person and the world so much more beautiful.  

This Shabbat is Shabbat HaGadol - "The Great Shabbat". It is especially conducive for turning a setback - like all the painful events of recent weeks - into a marvelous triumph. All we have to do is to believe that Hashem loves us and to do our very best to get closer to Him. Shabbat Shalom!     

Ploy for An Easy Birth

Rachel T. from Israel has discovered a ploy for an easy birth.

The doctors told her to expect a rough delivery because of certain complications, in this, her fourth childbirth. Rachel strengthened herself in emuna, and reminded herself that Hashem decides what kind of childbirth experience she'll have and not the doctors.

Rachel wrote me an email and said: "I went into labor at 9 AM on Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Rebbe Nachman's birthday. I figured that the best thing I could do would be to fulfill Rebbe Nachman's advice, to do an hour of hitbodedut (personal prayer). I went into hitbodedut, and started talking to Hashem. The stronger the contractions, the more I spoke with intent to Hashem. At exactly 10 AM, when I finished my hour, a healthy baby boy was born naturally with no complications. This was the easiest childbirth I ever had. You can guess what the baby's name will be..."

Hitbodedut in labor - what an idea for an easy birth! Mazal Tov to Rachel T & family. We here at the Beams pray that all expecting mothers have healthy pregnancies and safe and easy deliveries, amen! 

Time to Come Home

Before Shabbat, my beloved teacher and spiritual guide Rabbi Shalom Arush told me the following:

1. Despite all the threats against Israel, the Land of Israel is the safest place to be and no Jew will be hurt here, as we witnessed with the recent 220+ missile attacks in the South of Israel and no Jew was hurt other than minor scratches.

2. The Jews outside of Israel should start making a serious effort towards Aliya.

3. Hashem knows what's in your heart - even if you can't make aliya at this time for whatever reason, you should be praying to Hashem every day to enable you to make aliya.

Have a wonderful week!


"Adraba" is a segment of a prayer written by the holy Rebbe Elimelech of Lizensk, of saintly and blessed memory. We pray to see our neighbor's good points and not his faults. This is a song of "Ahavat Yisrael," one of the most important mitzvoth in the Torah.

Hezy Levy is known as Israel's troubadour - his voice surpasses a nightingale's. As a Levite, G-d willing he'll soon be singing in the rebuilt Holy Temple. The clip is filmed near his home in the Sharon Valley east of Natanya. Enjoy it.