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The River's Song

Osyio (Greetings - LB) Rabbi Wolf Brother,

I was so happy to discover your website some months ago and read that our Tsa la Gi (Cherokee - LB) brothers in Tennessee and Texas also hold the opinion that we have Hebrew roots. So much is the same - I follow your teachings about personal prayer in solitude with the Holy One out in nature and I'm moved to tears about the Jewish Perek Shira song of creation. Our meditation, the fringes on our clothes, our language, and our clinging to the One God (in the old way, not the way the white missionaries did to our people) are all signs of our mutual roots. Now that we have DNA testing, there is no doubt.

As a small token of appreciation for the love and respect you have honored our people with, I'm enclosing a film clip of Wayra, a Bolivian Indian who plays the native American flute like we do. To the best of my knowledge, King David also had such a similar flute. May you enjoy it, and may the Holy One bless your journeys in life with smooth and pleasant paths.

Looking forward to the day when the lost tribes will be returned and reunited with mother Israel, your friend and brother, Silver Cloud from Oklahoma

Introducing Eliezer Kosoy and Yonason Hill


Simon and Garfunkel haven't been smart enough to make teshuva, but even if they do, they'll have to take a back seat to a dynamic new duo that the Beams is proud to introduce to you. These two very unique and inspirational musicians - my special friends Eliezer Kosoy and Yonason Hill - form the musical duet "Elyon," having recently released their first album together with the same title, under the Sameach Music record label. Elyon is Eliezer Kosoy's third original album; Yonason Hill (son of actor Steven Hill) has been featured as a backup vocalist and guitarist on over 20 albums. The two currently live in Israel where they learn Torah most of the day, and they bring a wealth of life experience and spiritual vision to their music.

They originally met many years ago at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem and discovered their musical connection while singing zemiros together at Yonason's Shabbos table. After recording a demo CD together 2 years ago, they began performing for kiruv groups and yeshivas throughout Israel. The response to their music was excellent, and groups were simultaneously inspired as well as entertained. These two are my type of musicians - extremely talented, modest, and true servants of Hashem. Their mellow and distinctive style resonates with inner beauty and and truth. It just makes you happy to listen to their music.

Front_cover Elyon, which combines the beginnings of their first names, is also a Hebrew word that means high and exalted. True to its title, the album takes its listeners to a high and exalted place, with 13 inspirational and unforgettable tracks. My favorite is "Eye on the Light", which you're welcome to hear at the bottom of this post. The vision of Elyon is to create a unique brand of Jewish music that will inspire, strengthen and arouse the hearts of Jews to come closer to Hashem.  The music is strongly influenced by ideas from the Chassidic and Mussar movements, and takes from classical American folk.  In an article written for Jemagazine entitled "If Simon and Garfunkel were frum" they were accurately compared to that legendary duo--the sweet voices of Elyon blend together in an unmistakable harmony. 

Elyon is planning a music tour from december 15 to 25 and if anyone is interested in booking them (you'[ll be happy that you did), they can contact them at 972-2-5324867 or 972-57-114867 or at

May Hashem bless Eliezer and Yonason with smashing success, and may their music continue to all inspire those who listen to it, amen.

Ka Echsof: A Melody for Shabbat

Here's a lovely melody for Shabbat, the classic "Ka Echsof" - I yearn for Hashem, by the holy Rabbi Aaron of Karlin, zatza"l. My great-grandfather Reb Yaakov Podrub of blessed memory from Grodno, a blacksmith who was a hidden tzaddik and a Stolin-Karliner chassid, sang his melody on his Shabbat table. My sons, my grandsons and I continue with this tradition. Enjoy it and have a wonderful Shabbat Chayei Sara!

A Home in the Land of Emuna

Make your decision to come home to the Land of Emuna and try to strengthen yourself in emuna with all your heart, and you'll see big miracles like my wonderful friends the Gros family did:

Dear Rabbi Brody,

Exactly a year ago, my husband (Michael Gros) and I had a question for you. I wanted to give you an update on Hashem's answer to that question.

We had made aliyah two years prior and had still not sold our home in America. In the meantime we were renting it out and the rent our tenants were paying covered the mortgage plus a little spending money.

Our problem was that we really wanted to buy a home in Eretz Yisrael but were unable to without the sale of our home in Atlanta. As you know the real estate market in America is bleak and it is even worse in Atlanta.

Your advice to us was to actively look for an apartment here in Israel and talk to Hashem telling him our dilemma and asking for help. We told Him all the reasons we wanted to buy here (including that we know that Moshiach's arrival is imminent and we wanted to be able to house all the guests that are going to be pouring into Erertz Yisrael!)and asked him to send a buyer to purchase our Atlanta home at the right time and the right price.

After much searching we found our dream apartment in Ramat Beit Shemesh. It was beautiful with a view of the neighboring mountains. The sunset from our balcony would be breathtaking and we really wanted the apartment however there was not even a bite on our Atlanta home.

We did not loose faith! We continued talking to Hashem every night and made an offer on the apartment in Ramat Beit Shemesh and it was accepted. Although we had enough money for the down payment we knew that the monthly mortgage payments would be an enormous financial strain on us. We would have to start asking relatives to help us each month if the house in Atlanta did not sell.

A closing date on our apartment in Ramat Beit Shemesh was set and instead of getting nervous about our Atlanta home we kept davening and talking to Hashem.

A week before our closing here in Eretz Yisrael we received a phone call from a family in Atlanta saying they were interested in our home, how much were we asking and how quickly could we close.

In the end, we got for out home in Atlanta the exact amount we needed to make our mortgage payments comfortable here. The best part of the whole story is that we closed on our apartment here at 3pm and in Atlanta 11pm all on the same day...only a 7 hour difference. We couldn't have planned it that!!

Thank you for your advice! Thank you for showing us that Hashem really listens to us. Thank you for giving us the gift of Emuna!

Shoshana and Michael Gros