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5 posts from April 2011

Regards From Tornado Alley-Bama

Dear Rabbi Lazer,

During the past 24 hours, Roy and I witnessed Psalm 91 in action.  We are located right in the middle of the path of the tornado outbreak that left destruction in Mississippi and across the state of Alabama.  In addition to thanking Hashem for His wonderful protection, we also thank Him for all of your emuna CD's and books.  While other people were gripped with panic and terror, we were completely calm as we put our trust and our lives in Hashem's hands.

I've enclosed a screenshot (above) of one of the tornadoes that was captured live by the local news skycam as it approached Tuscaloosa.  About 30 minutes earlier, this same tornado passed by our house.  Trees were uprooted and tossed about, limbs and other debris were thrown around, blocking streets and causing a lot of damage.  Except in our yard!  Not only did Hashem protect our lives, He also protected our house and our vehicles which came through without a scratch!  Only a few scattered leaves in our yard.  Absolutely amazing.  Thousands of people across the state are still without power this morning.  When I awoke and saw that our power had been restored, I immediately told Roy that we had to tell Rabbi Lazer about this miracle!!!!

Thank you so much for all that you have taught us.  You are truly a "light unto the nations". 

Cookie and Roy D.

Cookie, Roy, and all our special friends in Alabama are always in our prayers, especially now. G-d bless and take care! 

A Walk along the Lachish Riverbank

Chol HaMoed, the intermediate days of our Passover festival, is a wonderful time to take a walk in the countryside, especially if you live in the lovely Land of Emuna. So many people don't even take time to look at the blue sky or to look down to see the exquisite tiny wildflowers that are blossoming in Springtime.

You are my guest for an inspiring walk along the riverbank of Nachal Lachish - the Lachish River, one of my favorite spots for personal prayer. This is such a gift from Hashem: in walking distance from my home, we can reach the Mediterranean coast (32 minute walk to the west), the sand dunes of the northwestern Negev (18 minute walk to the south), or Nachal Lachish (22 minute walk to the east). 

Enjoy the four-and-a-half minute clip; a continued joyous Passover!

Reb Shlomo Carlebach: The Last Seder in the Warsaw Ghetto

Thanks to Neshama in California for sending us the following clip, which is capable of making a stone shed tears. Remember that our return to Hashem in the holy Land of Israel is the only guarantee that there'll never again be a Warsaw Ghetto. Let's hope that this coming Pesach will be the real freedom holiday for our people Israel, once and for all coming home to the Land of Israel and the rebuilt united Jerusalem, amen.

Ten-Plague Rap

Passover is only 11 days away. OK, since you're surfing on the web instead of preparing for the holiday, here's a little Passover review in a rap, courtesy of Matt Bar (see lyrics below film clip). Have fun, and a great Shabbat!

Moses at the red sea, like “who’s gonna follow me?”
Pharoah’s in the tide, we gonna ride, to our destiny, 
In back of me, so sad to see, them bodies in the red sea 
chariots get buried, b-b-buried in the red sea 
Pharaoh sat and laughed when a staff became a snake, 
too long we’ve been your slaves, just let us go and pray, 
said "don’t make this mistake," no pardon his heart was hardened, 
so started what we regard as: the days of 10 plagues...

ONE: blood in the river gonna shiver, gonna freak out 
lips take a sip now there's blood in your mouth

TWO: frogs in your house on your beds on your plate
don't matter what's for dinner better like frog legs

THREE: knats buzz buzz watch the dust turn to bugs
itch itch hard to think with all the lice in your mugs

FOUR: beasts roam your streets when you step outside
there's a tiger on your tail nowhere to hide

Five: death of your livestock,  flesh dries up
b-b-bodies in your barn Pharoah when you gonna wise up?


SIX: boils on your flesh no less than torture
careful of the ash in the air it'll scorch ya

SEVEN: hail rains down beats your brains down
like a message from the heavens better lay our chains down

EIGHT: locusts from the coast you can hear their wing click
eating crops eating trees til they're used as toothpicks

NINE: darkness, dispatch, 3 days pitch
remember when this started and you thought it was just witchcraft

Death of the first born how did it come to this
TEN is what it took so we all would remember this