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"Waving Flags" at Camp Simcha

Rabbi Yechiel (my candidate for future head rabbi of the UK) and Rebbetzen Ruthie Portnoy are some of my favorite people. They built the gorgeous Jewish community in Hale of South Manchester with their own two hands; when I talk about building, I mean souls, not wood and stones. Their children are sweet fruit from this most special Portnoy tree, and fantastic musicians. I'm especially proud of Mendi and Sruli Portnoy, for the music project they did for Camp Simcha, an overnight camp for children battling cancer. I'm sure you'll like this as much as I did:

Winning back the Land of Israel

It's our solemn duty to do our best to preserve our security in the Land of Israel, and to win back those parts of our homeland that we've lost control of, such as Joseph's Gravesite in Shechem.

Scheduled for today is another uncalled-for provocation, an outright defamation of Jerusalem's sanctity. In the name of liberty and democracy, 3000 people will publicly flaunt their same-sex attractions in the streets of Jerusalem this afternoon, with full government support and protection. There's no difference between this Impurade and a ham-and-bacon festival on the sidewalks of the holiest city on earth, homeland of a people who live by the eternal Holy Torah that forbids eating ham and bacon.

We certainly have no right nor any desire to tell others how to live their lives or what to do behind closed doors. But there are light years of difference between whatever consenting adults do with their free will behind closed doors and between making a nauseating public display of Torah-prohibited abominations on the streets of Jerusalem.

Achmedinejad and his nukes don't scare me. Neither does Nasrulla and the Hizbulla. But such public debauchery here in the Holy City of Jerusalem is terrifying. As much as individual liberty and free choice must be maintained, there's the responsibility of our special privilege of living here. This parade of an expected 3,000 participants is not only a slap in the face to half a million Jerusalemites, but to people around the world. Besides, this is the worst threat to our security here in the Holy Land. How? Open up your Gemara to tractate Sanhedrin, 93a: "The Lord of Israel despises debauchery." When we need so much Divine compassion, who is so daft as to arouse Divine wrath? That's national suicide! In the name of 'free speech'? Why not play Russian Roulette for those who so desire in the Western Wall Plaza? That's free expression too...

The Islamic media is having a field day with such pink-promoted policies here in Israel. Whenever any society became decadent, it crumbled from within. Our hostile neighbors therefore hope for a big turnout at the Impurade.

The key to holding on to the Land of Israel is personal and national holiness. Anyone who preserves personal holiness (Shmirat HaBrit) is a true warrior with the spiritual power to overcome all adversaries. One who doesn't preserve personal holiness will be enslaved by his enemies just as he's enslaved by his own evil inclination. With this in mind, a person clearly is not fit to rule a nation if he can't rule over his own evil inclination.

With the above in mind, join me on Mount Gerizim overlooking Joseph the Tzaddik's holy gravesite in Schechem:

Finding Emuna: The Story of Rabbi Shalom Arush

This week on Breslev Israel, we have the first of an exclusive four-part series entitled, Finding Emuna - this is the story of how Rabbi Shalom Arush first became a Baal Teshuva - a must-read! Rav Shalom also warns against Sleeping Your Life Away.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains the importance of spreading the Seven Noahide Commandments in The Yacht.

Too much light is dangerous, as we learn in Safeguards Against Overload, based on Rebbe Nachman's Likutei Moharan I:49.

Waiting is Part 26 of Warriors of Transcendence by Rabbi Erez Moshe Doron.

Rivka Levy does some serious soul-searching in how we treat our fellow human in Easing Up on Others. Natalie Kovan syas that we can learn about roles in life from Penguins.

For Breslev Kids, this week we have part 10 of Hardboiled Eggs. Alexei's Merit is part 15 of The Baal Shem Tov - Early Years, a delightful series for the whole family.

This week's Torah portion is Ekev, and we're fortunate to have Bread and Torah, Rav Kook zatza'ls elaboration on this week's parsha.

Big Beam Blessings for a wonderful week!

Great News Bulletin: Calming Waters will be released G-d willing this week!

Carlebach-style Havdala with Menachem Herman and Rabbi Lazer

Menachem Herman is more than a brother to me. Hashem has given me the privilege to write a number of the songs on his brand new Sweet Home Jerusalem album. Menachem - together with our dear friend Jeff Horvitch - did the exquisite musical arrangements of my new Calming Waters album, which will be released G-d willing later this week. Menachem and I do many other things together, such as our Uman Experience project. Here we are together doing a Melave Malka ceremony in the tradition of our beloved Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory, where we usher out the Sabbath Queen on Saturday night with song and a light festive meal. This year, Rosh Hashana leads right into Shabbat, so if you join us, you'll experience such a Melave Malka with us in Uman. Have a wonderful week with wonderful tidings! Don't forget that Hashem loves you - so do we here at the Beams.

Chakra and Tefillin: The Secret of Divine Illumination

This 6-minute film clip explains the secret behind the Lubavitcher Rebbe's project of encouraging every Jewish man in the world to put on tefillin, beginning in May of 1967. This literally paved the spiritual way for Israel's miraculous victory in June of 1967, when the threat of our hostile neighbors seemed insurmountable. Tefillin is closely related to Chakra and Aura, a fact that has been scientifically proven. We also learn here the secret of Divine illumination. This is a must-see: