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Connecting to the True Tzaddik

"You must ask God persistently to be able to draw close to the true Tzaddik. Happy is the one who succeeds in drawing close to the true Tzaddik in his lifetime – happy is his lot! For after one dies it is very hard indeed to draw close. One must pray over and over again to come close to the true Tzaddik in one's lifetime. For the Evil One has made it his mission to confuse the world. Israel is very close to redemption now and people have tremendous longing for God, the like of which did not exist in earlier times. Everyone is longing for God. This is why the Evil One has craftily sown dissension among the Tzaddikim and established many false popular leaders. Even among the true Tzaddikim there are divisions, to the point that nobody knows where the truth is. This is why one must beg God to succeed in drawing close to the true Tzaddik" (Likutey Moharan II, 78).

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12223 It's hard to believe, but we still have to teach some backward people that We Don't Have Horns.

There's a big difference between feeble human logic and Divine Logic.

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Blessings and smiles for a very special week. Chodesh Tov!


When Israel is being threatened, we have to strengthen ourselves in two areas: In regard to Hashem, we have to strengthen our emuna and thank Him for everything - the good and seemingly otherwise. In regard to our fellow human, we have to look for and focus on his or her good points - that's what the song "Adraba" is all about:

Fran's Dream

Shalom Rabbi Lazer,

1st June was my aunt's 4th memorial. A few days prior to that, she appeared in my dream where I was pressing a sore I had on my left pinky.

She asked me to press once more and out came a drop of blood.

Then I was shown how that drop of blood became magnified and I saw a few substances that resembled nuts rolling or swimming in that cell.

She declared, "Healthy!" and then asked me to squeeze one last time.

Like the previous drop, it became magnified and I saw a piece of pebble rolling in it. When it dropped onto the ground, it sort of rolled away.

Then, like telepathically, I heard her saying something along these lines,

Everyone has their unique problems BUT IT IS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD, and to PURIFY ourselves for the ULTIMATE REDEMPTION.

When I heard those lines, I know it is the essence of Breslev teachings so I nodded my head vigorously. She grinned and disappeared.

From what I understand about the dream, the 'sore' represents the rage and disatisfaction I have with the working life, particularly with middle and upper management. 

The nuts showed how I have to let those nutty feelings I have ejected out of my emotions (represented by the blood) as well as those little annoyances like gossips (the small pebble).

The funny thing is, once they are out of our blood stream, our so-called problems were really puny, small, insignificant. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill, right?

Your lesson last week on Gog u Magog, reinforced this. I thank HaShem for you and Rav Arush. Without the both of you, I think my life would still be in the dark.

Thank you thank you thank you! The world needs people like you!

May HaShem continue to grant you good health and vitality to be a light unto the nations. And may it shine real bright!

Sincerely, Fran (one of your Noahide friends in the Far East)

Psalm 105: Shiru Lo

If you feel down in the slightest way, simply sing along with the above melody: "Shiru Lo, zamru Lo, Sikhu bekhol nifla'osav" and you'll be a different, happier person within 90 seconds. Try it - it works. Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Who's Ringing the Door Bell?

Dear Rabbi Lazer:

The day before yesterday my husband and I were listening to one of Emuna English CDs.  I was in great need of strengthening my Emuna in one specific area of my life. Namely, by telling Torah's truths to my son, he broke contact with us, and consequentely we don't see our grandson. We didn't hear from him for the last two months, and I was doubting about own Emuna.

My husband and I listen at least 3 of your Cds each day. One of them touched me deeply, shaking my soul.  Suddenly I decided "to negotiate" with Hashem and said : "Ok Father, I want to believe in all that I hear, but would you be mad on me if I ask for a sign?"  (I know we should not ask Hashem for a sign).  And I was pondering the next few seconds for a sign, and continued by asking: "Will You please let our son call today"?

Five minutes later, the bell rang  twice and luudly  - "ding dong - ding dong!" My husband was out of the room at that moment, and I was convinced that the noise was coming from your CD, because sometimes we hear sirens and phones on the background. I yelled to my husband: "Where was that ding dong coming from, from Lazer"s CD?"

"No," he said, "it's our own bell."  What? How come ? So I run to open the front door...  

A man was standing outside , communicating with his hands, asking for Tzedakah.  The man was deaf and dumb. I made a sing for him to wait, and run to my husband. "Where is your wallet?" I asked. He gave it to me and added - "Whatever you have in your heart, double it!"   And that was exactly what I did. 

You must be asking by now... where is Hashem in all this?  Well we have two bells, one at the gate or the house, and another at the front door.  The bell at the gate, lost both wires, and is completely disconnected. The bell at our front door has no batteries. Both bells are silent and  and havn't worked for the last 5 years! 

Nevertheless, we stopped the CD player, went outside, and kept pushing both buttons for the next 10 minutes - no sound at all!

The lesson was deep and a double one: The sound of the "ding dong" bell was a supernatural one, meant for us to hear only; for that reason, Hashem sent a deaf person. Since he was also dumb, I understood that Hashem was telling me, "How blessed you are Devorah, for being able to talk to Me, to pray, to do hitbodedut. You are able to praise Me with words.... look at this man at your door, he can't do any of this!"  At the same time, He allowed us to do the great Mitzvah of Tzedakah!  What a love and compassionate Father. Baruch Hashem!

Hashem is His infinite wisdom and mercy  granted my  request, by giving me a sign - His sign, not the one I asked for. I understood that the time has not yet come for our son to call, but B"H he will do soon, after doing Teshuvah! Amen!

No need to say that my Emuna is on the top of our priority scale now. What a marvellous G-D we have! Who am I to be honored by His visit? I felt humbled and full of joy at the same time! We are literally dancing all day, singing, clapping hands, and telling Hashem how much we love Him, thanks to your emuna CDs!  We start our day with spiritual music, and that's the way I do my Hitbodedut in my backyard garden, between gorgeous flowers and the sound of praises. What a blessing!

May Hashem  hear all our prayers and answer all our cries in the day we call! With fear and gratitute, DMS, Ramat HaGolan