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Stress Management

The deeper the world sinks into recession, the more stress-related SOS emails I receive.


Dealing with stress without emuna and spiritual awareness is like trying to run a marathon when you're fifty pounds overweight - you'd fall on your face after fifty meters! Modern 24/7 lifestyles cause the bulk of our stress. Yet, the same lifestyle that sorely needs the tools of emuna and spirituality in order to cope - scoffs at those very tools! That's the same as laughing at a person with a heart condition because he or she wears a pacemaker.

So what happens? The folks who try to handle stress without emuna end up drinking, smoking, popping pills, spending a fortune on analysis, overeating, losing their health,or a combination of the aforementioned.

There's no need to succumb to stress. Yesterday, I received the following e-mail from a Canadian who has been reading our books and listening to our CDs for the last eight months or so:

Dear Rabbi Lazer,

Yesterday was our anniversary. With the money I saved on analysis and pills during the past six months, thanks to the Beams (which both my wife and I read with our morning coffee), The Garden of Emuna, and The Trail to Tranquility, I bought my wife a diamond ring. She's on cloud nine! Thanks from the both of us, CG from Vancouver

Basically, all CG and his wife did was to add The Almighty to their lives. Together, they began having a restive and enjoyable wind-down on the Sabbath, and they turned their 24/7 lifestyle of separate and parallel lives into a 24/6 lifestyle, where the 7th day is one of intimacy and family togetherness. That alone did wonders for their marriage and took a major load of stress off their shoulders.

With emuna - real emuna, not the rote rituality or superficial declaration-of-faith religion - you can beat stress too. Your wife also deserves a glittering flawless one-carat diamond on her finger.