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The Rise of Mister "V"

Mister V
- a superficially or deceptively attractive appearance, display, or effect (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, pg. 1387)

barak (Hebrew) - lightning; flash; glitter, shine; veneer

Mister V is a great code-name for Bara(c)k Hussein Obama for two "V" reasons: First, according to the way we're reading the spiritual map, BHO will be victorious in the upcoming Presidential election. That's right, it looks like he'll be the next President of the United States. Second, he's got the best veneer in town, a smile that Colgate or Crest would pay millions for, and a kaleidoscopic tongue that plays whatever music his listeners want to hear.

Hashem makes drastic changes overnight to expedite the process of Geula, the full redemption of our people. Overnight, an insignificant beer-guzzling Austrian barstool-jockey corporal named Adolph Shicklegruber (aka Hitler) came out of nowhere to become the Fuhrer - the absolute dictator of Europe's most cultured nation that also overnight turned into a country of bloodthirsty savages.

Mister V is part of the Geula blueprint. Hashem took him out of nowhere too. He hasn't even finished his freshman term in the Senate, and he's already the Dem's candidate for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. How did it happen?

On July 27th, 2004 Senate candidate Barack Obama spoke to delegates during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.  Some call it "The Speech", a 17 minute star-making turn.  Obama walked on stage an unknown, and walked off as a star. Four months after the convention, Obama won the U.S. Senate seat in a landslide.

Now hear this: July 27th, 2004 was the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, "Tisha B'Av." This is a perpetual day of calamity for the Jewish people when among other disasters, both Holy Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.

Mister V, finishing up his glittering tour of Israel today, has wrapped all the anti-emuna feeble-brained politicians around his pinky finger. Abu Mazen and Said Ereket of the Palestinian Authority are dying for Mister V to be elected. We know all the triple talk that he said to the Jews, but we don't know a thing of what he said to the Arabs. I wonder why they're so fond of him...

Your friend Lazer says once again that it's high time for teshuva. By teshuva, I don't mean simply going through the motions of Jewish rituals, but establishing a sincere and personal relationship with Hashem.

Don't think that the rocky road to redemption is only our problem over here in Israel. Many thousands of people are waking up here, for there's no lack of stimuli. But, if our beloved brothers and sisters outside of Israel don't wake up on their own, then the Global Jihad just might remind them that it's time to return to Hashem.

Here's a Geula prediction: Mister V will negotiate (and be buddies) with Iran, Syria, and everyone else, and Israel will stand alone with no one to turn to but Hashem. I like Mister V because I'm looking forward to that day. Wait and see how emuna will win and reign. This is getting exciting.

The Three Weeks

Today is the 17th of Tammuz, a fast day that marks the beginning of the 3-week mourning period that leads up to Tisha B'Av, a day of calamity for our people when both temples were destroyed. This is a time when we should all avoid conflict with our fellow human and to look for the good in other people. May Hashem send the Geula - the full redemption of our people - speedily and in our days, amen.

Going Higher

Do you remember my good friends Eliezer Kossoy and Yonason Hill, the Elyon duo? Here's a reminder:

We'll be together this coming Sunday night, 13 July, 2008, for an evening of emuna, inspiration and music at Imrei Rachel in the settlement of Neve Daniel in Gush Etzion. Bertween songs, I'll be speaking in English about 'The Climate for Marital Peace'. Maariv is at 8:15 PM, with the program scheduled to begin at 8:30 PM. Everyone is invited. Admission is free and light refreshments will be served - don't say you don't have any place to take your wife!

This week's Torah portion is Balak. Here's wishing you a bright Beams blessing for a wonderful Shabbat and weekend.

The Shtreimel Galaxy

A big Beams blessing to our friend Lazer F. who sent us this news tip.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope observed a fledgling solar system (image, below) and discovered deep within it enough water vapor to fill the oceans on Earth five times. This water vapor starts out in the form of ice in a cloudy cocoon (not pictured) that surrounds the embryonic star, called NGC 1333-IRAS 4B (buried in center of image). Material from the cocoon, including ice, falls toward the center of the cloud. The ice then smacks down onto a dusty pre-planetary disk circling the stellar embryo (shtreimel-shaped cloud) and vaporizes. Eventually, this water might make its way into developing planets.

Shtreimel galaxy

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

For those of you that don't know what a shtreimel is, it's the traditional Chassidic fur hat that most Chassidim wear on Shabbat, holidays, and festive occasions, as you see below:


Angel from Alabama

Some of my favorite folks are from Alabama. They're a lot like Breslevers - spiritual, happy, and uncomplicated. My buddy Misha Bronstein told me a story that enhanced my fondness of Alabamans even more:

Hershey Fellig, a Lubavitcher Chassid from Los Angeles, didn't have long to live - he desperately needed a kidney. Marisa Hester, a non-Jewish mother-of-two from Alabama, gave one to him. The two were complete strangers. Marisa had never even met a Jew before. She read about Hershey online and made the selfless decision to help.

Folks advised Marisa against it. After all, she's a mother herself with no obligation to a stranger several thousand miles away. But this Angel from Alabama simply decided to help.

Marisa, you've not saved a life - you've saved an entire world. Read the whole story here.