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Three cheers for healthy eating

Dear Rabbi Lazer,
Our granddaughter was labelled in school as a hyper-active child. I wasn't surprised, because I noticed that at home she gets a constant diet of processed and fast foods which are full of MSG and other chemicals.
She is now visiting us on vacation. My husband sat up with her the first few nights because she had a difficult time going to sleep.  When she did sleep, she slept very restless, thrashing about and nearly falling off the bed.  Although she's 8 years old, her mother sent us a package of large, child-size disposable diapers for her chronic bed wetting.
I'm going to interject here, that many years ago I did an in-depth study into the dangerous health hazards and side effects of MSG.  The FDA can label it whatever they choose, but the fact remains that it is a drug, pure and simple.  After removing it from the diet, it can take up to 2 weeks for the glutamate level in the blood to return to normal.
By the third night she had calmed down enough to relax and I read to her at bedtime the story of Ruth.  When it was time for lights out, I put on music by Guy Tzvi Mintz and set it to loop so that it would repeat and play all night.  The next morning, the bed barely looked slept in because she slept so peaceful and no bed wetting!  We repeated it the next night, more reading and the same music.  Again, peaceful sleep and no bed wetting!
While she quietly plays during the day, I hear her humming a melody from the music she hears while she sleeps (track number 4 on the Guy Tzvi's Alarm Clock cd is the one in particular).  It's like a night and day difference from when she first arrived.  She prays, sings and smiles.  And no bed wetting.  I was very disappointed when her mother called and said their plans had changed and Maleah would have to go home early.  That night, I thanked Hashem for the time we got to spend with her.  Early the next morning her mother phoned again.  That time she asked would we mind if Maleah stayed another 11 days instead of coming home early.  Of course we didn't mind!  All total, we are blessed with her here with us for 3 weeks.  Baruch Hashem!  Prayer + Breslov music + healthy eating is just what the doctor (of the soul) ordered!
With thanks and smiles, Cookie from Alabama
Lazer's note: Cookie and Roy Dalton are our dear friends and Emuna Outreach activists in Alabama. G-d willing, Guy Tzvi Mintz CDs will soon be available here on the Beams.