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"M'kimi" - the personal freedom song

"He raises me from meager dust, from the trash heap He has lifted the destitute; to seat me with nobles, with the nobles of His people." Psalm 113:7-8

The above passages are the story of my life. Pesach not only is the national freedom holiday, put my personal freedom holiday, when I thank Hashem especially for liberating my soul via Torah, tshuva, and emuna.

"He raises me" in Hebrew is "M'kimi," from Psalm 113 that we'll all be saying during the Hallel prayer on Pesach."M'kimi" is the song that my cherished friend Rav Yosef Karduner and I are singing together in the following clip (click on the embedded video below), our way of wishing you and yours a joyous Shabbat and 7th day of Passover (plus 8th day for our friends overseas) with true freedom of the body, mind, and soul, amen.

I want to send an extra heartfelt thank-you and blessing to all of you who have given so much of your time, talents, and resources to help Emuna Outreach spread the message of hope and faith to the far corners of the world. May Hashem bless you always, and grant you all your heart's wishes for the very best, amen.

MiPeninei Noam Elimelech

Noamelimelechb Here's wonderful news for English-speaking lovers of Chassidic thought and folklore. For the first time ever, you can now obtain a delightful collection of "pearls" from the writings of the famed Chassidic master, Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk. This monumental work is the product of a rising star in contemporary Chassidic research, Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker of Ramat Bet Shemesh. We here at the Beams have had the privilege of a sneak preview of Rabbi Zwecker's outstanding work, and are pleased and proud to give this important book our wholehearted recommendation and endorsement. This book will give a new dimension to the English-speaking Shabbat table, as well as enable English speakers to taste the beauty and sweetness of classical chassidus.

We extend our prayers and blessings for Rabbi Zwecker, that Hashem will enable him to continue to spread the light of the Baal Shem Tov and his disciples in the world, amen.