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The Eretz Yisroel series, part 3: Milk, Honey, and Wild mustard


My love affair with my blessed homeland of Eretz Yisroel is no secret. This land has a soul, a pulse, and breathes like a human. If you listen closely enough, you can hear her singing Hashem's praise all day and all night long. She sings a symphony in a thirty-part harmony that can revive any parched human spirit. She widens one's cognizance; no wonder the Talmud says that the air of Eretz Yisroel makes a person wise.

Yesterday - for the first time in several weeks - the sky over Ashdod was crystal clear and deep blue, like the color of the Heavenly throne described in tractate Menachos. With Hashem's loving grace, the sun emerged from the dispersing cumulus clouds, and literally within a day, a magnificent carpet of yellow flowers covered the countryside east of Ashdod. You don't have to strain your brain to guess where a person could look for yours truly on a day like this.

The pungent aroma of a several concentrated acres of wild mustard flowers is intoxicating. To my surprise, the grapefruit orchards had started to bud and blossom also - a few weeks ahead of time - perfuming the air with no scent that Chanel could ever duplicate. Having past the mustard fields and the orchards, I reached the Lachish River, usually dry for 7 months of the year, but whose bubbling waters were now flowing with the rest of Hashem's symphony. Wild anise and mint were growing by the riverside, a heaven on earth.

My Israel has nothing to do Labor, Likud, Kadima, or the religious parties either. I don't spend 2 seconds a day thinking about the Hamas. Politics and politicians have no place in a such a divine sanctuary. My sweet homeland is a haven of milk, honey, and wild mustard; a place where I can raise my children in Torah, be close to Hashem, and walk out in the fabulous orchards and exquisite fields, sharing the scent of the citrus blossom with the bees and the riverbank with the bullfrogs, where all of creation - the soil, the flowers, the trees, the kingfishers, the jackals, and the deer all join me in the praise of our Creator. In my world - Hashem's Holy Land - things are peaceful and uncomplicated. Life has the flavor of a golden peach in sweet cream.

Finally Here

The hate rhetoric and the threats against us are just part of the scenario unfolding before us, that Moshiach is fast on the way. Let the dogs bark. I prefer to enter Shabbat on a more pleasant note.

My good friend Ari Goldwag, with a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul of a young man that learns Torah all day long, expresses our anticipation for Moshiach beautifully in his new song, "Finally Here," which the Beams is happy to share a sneak preview of. Below the lyrics is an mp3 so you can listen and follow Ari's beautiful song. The song also expresses our frustration with our brothers and sisters that are deafened by the noise of materialism, so they can't hear the sound of the Shofar that's getting louder every day.

G-d willing, we hope to do a feature article about Ari in the near future.

FINALLY HERE, lyrics and music by Ari Goldwag

As he walked home from yeshiva,
a sound reached his ears
clear and majestic, unmistakably near
Joy filled his heart
HE'S FINALLY HERE!!! Moshiach's finally here!!!

He ran all the way home
said to his dad,
"Did you hear it - the shofar
or am I going mad?"
"Not now, my son,
can it wait 'til later, when the business news is done."
Where is our hope, our faith, our pride?
Where's the desire, the love deep inside?
When we say we want Ben Dovid to come
We can't fool ourselves or the Holy One.

She heard it, at first faintly
a note long and clear
steadily the sound grew
'til it was all she could hear
Joy filled her heart
HE'S FINALLY HERE!!! Moshiach's finally here!!!

She rushed to the kitchen,
got on the phone.
"Sister, can you hear it
or is it me alone?"
"Can you call back tonight?
I'm facebooking now, so I hope it's alright..."

When we finally hear the shofar
After all these many years
Our emotions can run deeply
moving us to tears
Joy will fill our hearts
WHEN HE'S FINALLY HERE!!! When Moshiach's finally here!!!

We must strengthen our hope, our faith, our pride.
We can find the desire, the love deep inside.
When we say we want Ben Dovid to come
We can reconnect to the Holy One.

Ari Goldwag: Finally Here

This week's Torah portion is Ki Tisa. Have a wonderful Shabbat, with blessings from the Beams, Emuna Outreach, and BreslovWorld.

A Tribute to Erez Levanon, HY"D

1erezlevanonap This week on Wednesday, 7 Adar Aleph, 5768, is the first yahrtzeit (anniversary of the death) of our cherished friend and brother Erez Levanon of blessed and saintly memory, who was murdered by terrorists while he is in the middle of hitbodedut (personal prayer) in a grove near his mountaintop home of Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion. BreslovWorld pays a special tribute to Erez Levanon with an amazing article and film clip.

The Month of Adar is a special time for joy. Thanks to writer and translator Yaakov Dovid Shulman, you can read a delightful assortment of Rebbe Nachman's sayings about Joy. Now, to continue your Breslev studies, Rav Shalom Arush explains more of the inner meanings of Rebbe Nachman's classic tale, The Lost Princess.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston analyze's Joseph's success in another wonderful installment of Be Positive, while Tzvi Fishman explains Jewish sexuality according to Kabbalah. Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum presents another enlightening lesson in pure Kabbalah again this week. Don't miss this golden opportunity to learn a wonderful introduction to Jewish esoteric thought.

Rabbi Gedalia Fleer was the first American to sneak behind the Iron Curtain and reach Rebbe Nachman's gravesite. This week, BreslovWorld's Noahide correspondent Alice Jonsson interviews Rabbi Fleer, on eof the leading figures in Breslev today.

On the lighter side, Rebecca Shapiro presents Breslev Kids with Part 3 of the Flakefoot Falcon, which really is a delight for the whole family. Phil, a teenager from Tennessee, thinks that all rabbis are nurds. BreslovWorld's editor Rabbi Lazer Brody shows him an opposite viewpoint in Rabbis are Cool.

This week's Torah portion is Tetzave, with an assortment of interesting commentaries including articles that are suitable for the whole family, such as a Chassidic Pearl and a Baal Shem Tov story which you can print out and say at the Shabbat table. We are also happy to introduce the outstanding Torah commentaries of Rabbi Pinchas Winston in this week's Parsha page.

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