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Yosef Karduner and Lazer Brody at Yad Binyamin

Here's a taste of an unforgettable evening under the crystal clear sky of Moshav Yad Binyamin this past Monday. Bobby Rosenberg, who so graciously hosted everyone on the lawn of his new home, summed it up beautifully: "I wished this evening would have lasted forever." Thanks to Chanoch Turner and Emuna Outreach Films, more clips are on the way, G-d willing.

We Warmly Welcome The Worry Worm!


With Hashem's everloving grace, Kalcom Publishing and Emuna Outreach are proud to introduce The Worry Worm, the first of an exciting new series of Children's books aimed at children between the ages of 2 to 200. The Worry Worm is a wonderful, non-denominational story by Lazer that brings the concept of emuna to a level that 3 and 4 year-olds can understand, as well as strengthen the emuna of adults as well. Lazer's story about two worms in an apple has been beautifully written to rhyme and illustrated by Rebecca Shapiro of Hamilton, Ontario. G-d willing, the book is now available on line here at Emuna Beams and at Lazer Beams. Judging from the warm reactions of our test readers - children, teachers, and parents on both sides of the Atlantic - The Worry Worm will find its way into many homes and many hearts, G-d willing.

Littlelazer With Hashem's help, The Worry Worm isn't a one-time flash in the pan, but the first of Kalcom's new "Little Lazer" series. Kalcom is doing its part to help Emuna Outreach further its child-outreach program that's aimed at teaching emuna to children. If there're no lambs, there're no rams.

The Worry Worm, like Rebecca Shapiro says, is a book for growing kids with growing minds.

Hashem Melech - Hashem is the King!

Here's my cherished friend and Breslov's sweet singer Yosef Karduner singing "Hashem Melech" - Hashem is the King. If you're anywhere between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, you have a unique opportunity to see and hear Yosef and yours truly in an evening of uplifting the spirit and reinforcing our inner happiness this coming Monday night, 13 Elul (27 August) at Moshav Yad Binyamin (Derech HaAvot 240 at the Rosenberg residence), conveniently located halfway between Ashdod and Bet Shemesh, and less than an hour's drive from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Maariv is planned 8 PM followed, followed by our talk entitled, "Instant Forgiveness: The Fast and Easy Way to do Tshuva" that will be spiced with Yosef's delightful music. Here's a taste:

Introducing Chassidic Pearls - now in book form!


With infinite praise to Hashem, Kalcom Publishing and Emuna Outreach are delighted to announce the debut of Chassidic Pearls in an exquisite softcover edition. Kalcom's graphic artist Iris Berkowitz designed the cover, that shows light emanating from a pearl in all directions, with a map of the Ukrainian Jewish villages (shetlach) in the background. We certainly hope that Chassidic Pearls will be a welcome addition to your book shelf and to your Shabbat table.

I want to express my deep gratitude to my dear friend Kalcom publisher Yaakov "Eddie" Kalati, Rebbetzin Debbie Shapiro, editor of BreslovWorld and a superb author and writer in her own right, and to Emuna Outreach's dedicated and talented staffer and proofreader from Chicago, Rachel Tzipporah Salkover for all their assistance in making Chassidic Pearls a reality.

You can order your copy of Chassidic Pearls from the upper right-hand toolbar, right here on this site.