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Bones and Beams

D07527_3 If you see the cartoon at the left, you'll understand why Yaakov Kirschen, aka "Dry Bones", is one of my favorite people. He puts a lot of smiles on a lot of people's faces, and he always has a big smile on his own face.

At any rate, I received this link to the JTA Global Jewish News Service today, that tells about Bones and Beams. Nice to be with such pleasant company.

Congratulations to Yaakov for his Gold Medals in this year's JIB 2007, and also for his new daily editorial cartoons on Ynet .

Walk Slowly

On Shavuot, we read the Book of Ruth. Ruth was a convert from Moab, which today is a part of Jordan. She is the great grandmother of King David, and therefore of Moshiach, may he come soon, amen. Our sages explain that Ruth attained such a lofty status by virtue of her outstanding modesty.

Today's Emuna Outreach video, with the beautiful background music of Erev Levanon HY'D, takes you to the very same wheat fields of Judea where Ruth and Naomi walked some 2900 years ago.

Happy Shavuot to everyone. G-d willing, the Beams will be back this coming Friday.

Thank you, cherished friends

Thank you, cherished friends, for your votes in the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards 2007 preliminaries and finals. Although the Beams was a finalist in twelve categories, thanks to your emuna votes we received 13 medals, 10 gold and 3 silver, as follows:

Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference - Gold Medal

Best Jewish Podcasting / Audio - Video Blog - Gold Medal

Best Designed Blog - Gold Medal

Best Series - Erez Levanon, HY"D - Gold Medal

Best Single Podcast - We Miss You, Erez: Mini-eulogy of Erez Levanon, HY"D - Gold Medal

Best Video in a Post - Erez's Song - Gold Medal

Best Humor Post - My Dog's a Breslever - Gold Medal

Best Jewish Religious Post - Katyushas: Sign of Love or Hate? - Gold Medal

Best Overall Post - Rebbe Nachman's Amazing Allusion to the Death of Erez Levanon - Gold Medal

Best News Post - Emuna News Op-ed: A Ceasefire with Hashem - Gold Medal

Best News Post - Emuna News Update: Tefillin and Brass Knuckles - Silver Medal

Best Overall Blog - Silver Medal

Best Jewish Religious Blog - Silver Medal

Several aspects of this year's results are especially heartwarming: First, Four of the Beams gold medals are related to video, audio and articles about Rav Erez Levanon, HY"D: Best Overall Post, Best Overall Series, Best Video, and Best Podcast. Undoubtedly, this is our readers' sanctification of his blessed memory. Second, Emuna News received 2 medals for best news posts; this reinforces our readers' constant requests to continue with Emuna News. Third, Emuna Outreach Video's success shows there's a growing need for more and more messages of emuna in every shape and form. Fourth, the fact that a blog about emuna and Rebbe Nachman of Breslev's outlook received the "Best Contribution - Blog that Made a Difference" award just shows you how hungry the world is for emuna and for Rebbe Nachman's teachings.

We wish to express our gratitude to Akiva from Mystical Paths and to the other members of the JIB 2007 committee for their tireless dedication in making JIB 2007 a reality, and to Dave of Isreallycool, the founding father of the JIB Awards. May Hashem bless them all with good health and success in all their endeavors.

Lazer Beams and Emuna Outreach wish to thank all of you who took the time to cast your ballots and for enhancing the rays of emuna in the world. May Hashem bless each and every one of you with all your heart's wishes for the very best, amen.

A Bright Light in the Heart

We're delighted to announce that Or BaLev - Light in the Heart CD, the inspiring musical legacy of Erez Levanon, of saintly and blessed memory HY"D, just came out of production and is now available here at the Beams. Scroll down the left-hand toolbar of this site to order. To hear one of Erez's most well-known songs from the album, have another look at Erez's Song, right below for your convenience.

2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards - Best Posts

Jibbadgenominee First of all, thank you to those who participated in the first round of the Overall Voting, which ended last Sunday. Although the results are not yet official, it appears that the Beams will be a finalist in the Best Overall Blog, Best Religious Blog, Best Contribution, and Best Podcast/Video Blog categories.

This week, the voting for the first round of the Best Post categories are taking place. Lazer Beams has been nominated in the following categories:

Best Overall Post for Rebbe Nachman's Amazing Allusion to Erez Levanon - click here to vote.

Best News Post for Tefillin and Brass Knuckles - click here to vote.

Best Jewish Religious Post for Katyushas: A sign of Love or Hate? - click here to vote.

Best Humor Post for My Dog's a Breslever - click here to vote.

Best Series for Erez Levanon, ob"m - click here to vote.

Best Picture/Video for Erez's Song - click here to vote.

Everyone is invited to vote. Thanks and G-d bless.