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Jewgrass, or don't throw away your past

One of the most important things a Baal Tshuva should learn is that Hashem doesn't want you to throw away your past - He wants you to bring it into holiness, to sanctify it.

One of my favorite examples of BT's that are doing things the right way is former heavy metal turned bluegrass musician Robbie Zev Ludwick. Lately, Robbie has joined forces with Jewish-music great Avraham Rosenblum of the Diaspora Band.

320robbie_zev_avraham_rosenblum Robbie Zev Ludwick (left) with Avraham Rosenblum (right)

In addition, Robbie's continuing to spread kedusha in the DC - Maryland - Virginia area playing what calls "Jewgrass" with his local group The Sinai Mountain Boys. See and hear them right here. If you want to have a really special party, I suggest you contact the Robbie and the boys here. Tell them that Lazer sent you.

Whenever I go to the USA, I make it a point to visit the DC area, where my mother lives, may Hashem bless her. The last time I was there, Robbie came over on Saturday night, and we were pickin' and grinnin' our way through melave malka. I have a special affinity for Robbie Zev - don't let our different last names fool you, because he's my little brother and I'm really proud of him.