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The only thing more exciting than the terrific name "ReJewVenated" and the exquisite album graphics is the music inside Lenny Solomon's newly-released CD; like fine wine, Lenny just gets better and better.

If your Yiddishkeit (Judaism) feels a little anemic and your praying, your learning, or your mitzva observance lacks zip, you have to get this CD - it's ReJewVenating for sure.

Oftentimes, musicians put out a CD with a shlagger (hit tune) or two, but on ReJewVenated, everything is quality. "The Shaliach Song" is Lenny's poignant tribute to the Chabad emissaries around the world. "Samson's Flowing Hair" and "I'll be Sending out the Dove" will keep you humming all day long. "Promised Land", a parody on the Allman Brothers' "Ramblin' Man", is special for us Jewish down-homers. Lenny put Bob Seger's "Mary Lou Gettin' Out Tonight" through an orthodox conversion, and she became "Every Jew's Gettin' on the Flight" - it boogies!

Track #4 is a special surprise.

Lenny's website has a special going on all his disks - $10.99 instead of the over-the-counter $12.99. For ReJewVenated, I twisted Lenny's arm into knocking off another special discount for LazerBeams readers - only $9.99! Go for it, you won't regret it.

Keep smiling, keep singing, and keep those feet tappin'. Hashem loves when we're happy and having a good time, so let's get ReJewVenated now!